RacingJunk and Internet Brands Auto Communities’ “No Shows, No Problem” Virtual Trade Show Focuses on the Future

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Looking Forward: The Future of the Auto Industry in the Race, Performance and Enthusiast Space will be the official theme of the “No Shows, No Problem” Virtual Trade Show organized by and the Internet Brands Auto Communities. The show—a response to the cancellation of the big end of the year auto industry shows—is an opportunity for businesses to share new or popular products with consumers and other businesses, gain insight into current marketing practices, and help celebrate the enthusiast automotive audience while providing auto-themed editorials, roundtables and vehicle galleries with the consumer side of the business.

As the auto industry copes with new issues brought on by responses to the global pandemic and changing economies, the question of what the race, performance and enthusiast spaces will look like grows more and more pressing. How will our part of the industry evolve? And what do we WANT it to evolve into?

These questions have helped to guide much of the programming that accompanies the more traditional business-facing aspects of the Virtual Trade show. Two roundtable discussions: “Looking Forward: The Future of the Auto Industry in the Race, Performance and Enthusiast Space” and “Women in Motorsports: A Conversation About the Future” will both focus on these logistical and aspiration questions, while the other panels and Q&As will more specifically address industry specific questions. These include a panel on Leveraging Giveaways to Boost Business, The Future (and the Present) of the Car Show, Utilizing Traditional Enthusiast Spaces in the New Economy, and  What is the Future of Racing? Special sessions on how to best market a vehicle, product or a service in this current climate will also be interspersed amidst the higher concept discussions.

The virtual trade show will also feature new product and company showcases, a virtual car show, a builder’s showcase, featured topics in the Auto Communities forums, and editorials on the future of the race and enthusiast spaces from a variety of perspectives.

“We have a number of exciting companies participating in our programming,” says Jim Sweener, Director of Sales and Business Development for the Internet Brands Auto Classifieds, of which is the flagship site. “Baer Brakes, Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, Motul, Car Chix, Torq-Masters Industries, and that’s just on the business to business side. This show really embraces the ways in which we are changing as an industry, and how we have been able to embrace that change. It’s a celebration of the future.”

The “Looking Forward” theme emerged out of a discussion on new technologies, including the impact of the electric vehicle in the race and enthusiast spaces, and was solidified by the following statement: “We are at a crossroads in the auto industry, particularly in terms of enthusiast, race and performance developments. Where do you see the industry going and where would you like to see it go?”

It is a question that both groups from Internet Brands Automotive ask themselves every day, and utilizing the Virtual Trade Show platform to include consumers and businesses in that discussion was the natural evolution. Both business groups have always existed to celebrate the passion projects of the auto industry, from racing in all forms, to performance machines, to specialized enthusiasms. Now, as the nature of those businesses is evolving, what better time to talk about the future we want to see, in the midst of a present that no one could have anticipated?

As even SEMA embraces the virtual world, there is no doubt that the industry is at a crossroads. While in-person shows and events may return full force in the coming years, the lessons that the industry has learned will, by necessity, be a part of all future decisions. Now is the time to have the discussion of the future that the participants want to see for the industry.

No Shows, No Problem will be held October 28 – 30, 2020 across and the Internet Brands Auto Communities forums and news sites. Check here for the full schedule of events and programming as the date approaches.

To learn more about participating as a vendor or an attendee, contact [email protected].

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