NHRA Asks Racers To Withdraw from Street Outlaws

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The outrage could be heard around the world as NHRA-sanctioned and sponsors racers began to receive requests from the NHRA to cease their participation in the Discovery’s Street Outlaws reality show or risk a suspended race license or denial of that NHRA license.  Auto and racing outlets have been reporting on the issue pretty solidly for the past few days, showcasing the letters that participants have received.

The letters highlight the NHRA’s history: “The NHRA was founded in 1951 by Wally Parks in an effort to provide an alternative for drag racing enthusiasts who were, at that time, racing illegally on public streets.”

Some folks are angry about the NHRA’s stance, citing jealousy over the popularity of the program. Others feel that the letters are an appropriate response from the organization/sanctioning body that was founded explicitly on the principle of giving racers a safe place to race. And whether or not the races on Street Outlaws are staged or not, the issue of safety is of primary importance. Even in the carefully regulated space of NHRA races, the potential for injury can’t be ignored.

So, our question is less about whether the NHRA should or shouldn’t be requiring their licensed drivers to abstain from participating in the reality show (it’s their organization – they have the RIGHT to do whatever they want), but whether the response is appropriate, or if it’s highlighting a bigger issue in the drag racing community.

Is street racing something that we truly want to encourage? In the carefully controlled environment of the show, there’s less risk of injury to participants and spectators, but what about actual street racing?  Should the NHRA be providing additional alternatives for young racers? And how should they do it beyond their official programming?  There’s a lot of talk about how removed the NHRA often is from the weekend racer, the guy on the street with a sick car and lots of boost.  Can the organization remain relevant to the burgeoning racer without the sponsorship potential?  Or are we left with “reality” shows that offer a marginally false glimpse at a more lawless experience that could lead to a truly lawless, and therefore more dangerous, type of competition.

Let us know what you think of the whole issue of street racing, drag racing and the NHRA stepping into the fray here or on Facebook.

Check out this recent video from Street Outlaws featuring Daddy Dave vs Big Chief.

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  1. I’ve got no problem with NHRA drawing the line at street racing.

    As they clearly stated, it was formed as an alternative to racing illegally on the streets in the first place. And as ludicrous as it is to be trailering a dozen 7-8 second “street” racers with no tags — but parachutes and camera crews — to some distant rural or industrial two-lane, the Oklahoma Street Outlaws show is by definition illegal street racing.

  2. this is the deal. Yes street racing is illegal, however Street outlaws ie: Midwest Street cars. Are showing the persona of illegal drag raceing. these are really good guys they do not set out to break the law. I know where they race and if it was illegal they wouldn’t be doing it . they would be in jail. when it comes to the NHRA I see where they’re coming from. However they should realize it is a reality show. Fire trucks , ambulances , first aid , first responders , every one is there in the background. Just like a sanctioned race. The only thing you’re missing are entry fees and the fans. I think the NHRA to step aside and leave it alone.

  3. First off they are not really street racing on an open road but it’s cool. I think NHRA has no right telling anyone what to do in their private life

  4. Does anyone think the show would be aired if they didn’t have emergency personal standing by? Just because they don’t show the ambulances, medical crew, fire&rescue equipment and personal that it is unsafe, that chief and others are racing with wild abandonment?! Does anyone listen to the disclaimer at the beginning of the show? Yes the street racing that goes on in every city and town has potential to end badly and yes there should be concern but where was the concern or the NHRA when Paul Walker was killed? Or the movies like the Fast n Furious, Tokyo Drift when they depicted illegal street racing? Did the NHRA call for a boycott of those type movies? Is Vin Diesel, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, the “Rock” or any of the actors standing with the NHRA? Lets face the facts.. when Henry Ford created the mass produced Model A the “need for speed” was also created….

  5. East Coast when this was done we used actual street cars with full exhausts out the back. Not trailered race cars like this show uses. As far as the NHRA being involved and pulling competition licenses for something someone does on a scripted TV show is a joke! Maybe next they will check to make sure you never made Moonshine cause you would have to illegally transport that on public roads racing from the cops… 😛

  6. you wanna do something about street racing…..start helping the tracks that are closing down from closing, that’d be a start…….take away a track street racing explodes in that area….besides if you can’t figure out that Street Outlaws is as scripted as Wrestling your pretty retarded

  7. This show is entertaining Plus The drivers Make money If they had to go to a NHRA track ,Sponsors and and other Things that NHRA would put on them would cost money.I do believe the show is scripted and safety preconditions are in place.I say leave them alone.

  8. I have one of the fastest import in houston and 90% of the time i race out of my town cause royal purple the only NHRA track opens inly one day a week for test n tune with 100 est of car to try to run in one night ..track owners should support and give more time to all racers with more days or better hours to participate .i dont suport any kind of street racing .. Yamilo Racing team

  9. +First off look ay the cars them self! These vehicles are not some wet behind the ear Honda lover with a engine swap out racing filled streets. NHRA if they think for one moment that they are going to stop street racing are as ignorant as the statement they are trying to make! I don’t advocate racing on a busy street or highway, but try and take my late night empty road , and you will have a fight. I also like that when they race they don’t run in shorts,flip flops and a beer in the other. Got to stop here , because it just gets uglier from hear. GROW up NHRA want to help open tracks and put money back into racing and not your pockets! OOPs isn’t really what this is all about . MONEY NOT IN THERE POCKET.

  10. It’s just more of that “Reality Television” that the networks have been churning out. It just happens to be racing this time. This stuff is staged. I live here. They get permits. They call the cops first. They close streets to do a shoot. Just like with all “”Reality”” TV, it ain’t all it seems to be. …. so …. chill …. NHRA ….

    • A lot of people make comments without even knowing what they are talking about. (as usual) All of these Street Outlaws are track racers with certified track inspected cars. They race the tracks all over northern TX & OK. Someone had a great Idea to make the Street Outlaws show and its a big hit so NHRA is upset because they didn’t do it or are afraid to promote street racing. All of the shows are filmed with police and security present and medical. Get a clue folks!

  11. NHRA has no place in commenting about this scripted TV show. Even if there were no show called Street outlaws you’d still have real Street outlaws. We’ll be here forever doing what we love. NHRA, you should be saving the local track’s across the country, but you could care less about the racers who can’t afford what you put out as racing. The truth be known your just a scripted show yourself. You don’t even know what it takes for the little guy to get ready for a race. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch and go to NHRA National events. But I go to see all the races, not just your babies in the pro series.

  12. The same sickness that has infected NASCAR has eaten away at NHRA too…belly button cars, big corporate money, rulebooks, regulations, megabuck cars that all look alike….no racing unless you find a track open for grudge racing once in a blue moon….don’t get me wrong, NHRA has done a lot of good, but the NASCAR mentality is slowly ruining the product..I don’t know…I see both sides…

  13. I am near Memphis, TN. The NHRA pulled out of their yearly event here, the Mid-South Nationals, citing low turnout by fans, forcing us to drive hundreds of miles to see big names and big races. I went to every Midsouth Nationals since day one and it was always packed, even on the days it rained. How much money is enough money for the NHRA. We have a couple locals tracks and the street outlaw crew drove all the way here to put on a show for us twice last year. The street outlaw guys were a great group of guys and they put on a great show. I had a 45 minute talk with Dominator. He was the nicest racer I have ever met. He walked me all through his car, answered every questions I had. We could relate to them and they could relate to us! At the end of the day, it’s all about money, and the NHRA doesn’t want to share any!

  14. I agree with alot of the others by saying NHRA should worry about lower cost letting fans bring their own refreshments and such.
    Families can’t go to the races it cost too much. It’s cheaper to watch it on tv.

    • Until the NHRA comes up with races that the average person with a fast car can enter they need to stay out of it. I would hope that most people realize that street outlaws is staged, we watch it for the laughs as stated by Dan. Those of us who do street race are those of us who cannot afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it takes to race in the NHRA.

      • I agree w/ 68Rockd, Wayne Roberts, guest and a lot of others; I was a street racer turned NHRA racer and had to retire from “track racing” as it got too expensive; Cant do it with a wife and three children!!
        Of course, if the entry and license were a little more reasonable, the rules a little less strict on all the safety issue’s, (I will not cut up my 69 El Camino for a 10 POINT ROLL CAGE!!), and ect, I could go play at the track. But I have to settle for the occasional ticket cause I pick a lonely deserted desert street to blast one off? No, I don’t “street race” as I want to at times, but it kicks me in the gut every time I see the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR NHRA bitch about anything to do with street! They are the reason I still get tickets! THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING FOR THE STREET GUYS!!!!
        As far as the Street Outlaw’s go, leave them alone. It is a made for TV show that is as funny as it is ridiculous!! Besides, I love watching it!

  15. I think the nhra is too corporate in my opinion they should mind there own business what a racer does on his or her own time isn’t their concern at all there out of touch with the weekend racer only care about profits

  16. NHRA is doing what it is supposed to be doing, encouraging and providing a safe environment for racers to compete in. The biggest issue with the Street Racers program, whether it is staged show or not, is that it encourages illegal racing and uses the presentation medium to create what appears to be controlled circumstances. In real life, street racers see this series, then go out and create unsafe, illegally modified vehicles and then expect the community emergency response assets to come safe their lives. The show should be cancelled and these illegal street machines should be confiscated and melted down, with the drivers then being banned from all forms of vehicles for life. Daddy Dave and Big Chief…IDIOTS !

    Just my two cents worth…but if it were up to me, the Discovery Channel itself should be prosecuted for promoting illegal activities. NHRA is being the voice of all the LEGAL racers in the country…as it should be.

    • Some people go way over bored, it’s a show and most of it is fake and set up!
      Some people don’t think that there children should watch scooby doo?
      Or Tom and jerry? I personly know them all on the show and we have always raced on the street! I don’t as much as I use to.
      But people will do what they want and watch what they want! The is the USA!
      So tuff shit!! If you don’t like it don’t watch it. That’s why there’s a button on the remote! I have friends that don’t know anything about cars or racing and they all love the show! And there children do also!
      It inspires some to get back to work on there projects. These guys are all good guys and I have raced them and I have been to the track and helped a few of them. The show tells them what todo and how to walk and talk! Or it’s on to the next thing. And your gone!

  17. NHRA has the right to revoke the license THEY issue for any reason. I think it is hysterical the These guys believe they are more important then the rest of the drag racing community. They have a good thing now, but to be so arrogant as to believe because people watch them, they are more important? really? Everyone I know who watches this show is more for the comedic value, not because they are smart. Even Big Chief says they are all dumb asses at the beginning of every show. This is more like MTV’s Jackass then real racing. Now, I might feel different if it was about actual street legal cars driven and raced, but the a friggin PROMODS on a street, this is smart how? This reflects positively on the drag racing community how? Why not just trailer to a TRACK and race? Would that not be smarter than running in a commercial center parking lot or what ever? This whole thing is a joke. The joke is on you people that think this is all “real”….

  18. OK I am in a pretty unique situation – I owned a dragstrip for 11 years – I have been racing for over 40 years – I have been an NHRA member for over 40 years – I run a blown hemi pro mod and have two bracket cars and an old vette hot rod. My observations are –
    1 – NHRA has gone from a organization run by racers for racers to a corporate entity – run by non racers – who are great at making money and imposing their will on the racers. NHRA no longer is an organization of racers its a for profit corporation – period. When I see responses that say – well its “their organization” they can do what they want – well that is certainly NOT what founder Wally Parks created – WE ARE THE ORGANIZATION – WE ARE THE MEMBERSHIP – NHRA is NOT our KING – supreme ruler – WE USED TO BE “their boss” now NHRA believes we are subjects to be ruled.
    2 – Every gear head in the world has street raced – I did it – its wrong and as Big Chief says – there are consequences. I have not street raced in many many years because I saw what those consequences are.
    3 – Geno Effler the PR guy for NHRA reflects exactly what NHRA has become – heck of a nice guy – can spin the words with the best of em and comes from the corporate mentality – of yes yes yes yes. NHRA brass is so removed from the racing world and so intent on copying and trying to be NASCAR that they are lost when it comes to a opportunity – they would not know a goldmine it it smacked em in the face. Instread they PAY ESPN to broadcast Top Fuel – Funny Car Pro Stock and sometimes Pro Stock Bikes – pre empted by every freakin possible sports team or game even little leage baseball – soccer – gum chewing contests – so we get to see racing at 2AM. There last foray into friday saturday qualifying shows – well they stopped it – no watchers – cost to much money.
    3 – Street Outlaws is a tv show – its not real – its a better watch than all the other reality shows because it show REAL hot rodders talking and working on their cars then going out and racing them. Again its like wresting on TV – its NOT REAL.
    4 – NHRA – has contracts with every national event track that they dont own – GUARANTEEING that NHRA will make a big profit – around $1.8 million. They dont make that much – someone has to pay NHRA.
    5 – NHRA has an opportunity to take the Street Outlaws debacle and do some good with it. Go on the show – explain to the viewers – show em where they can go – setup some “dragstrip street races – spend some of that money they take from me and racetracks on events – race street outlaws guys against NHRA members at dragstrips – that would be something I’d watch. Heck start a show – not with John Force showing you what a 15 million dollar operation looks like – but showing what a regular guys operation looks like – get some drag racers in many local areas together talk racing – work on cars – go racing – good format and sounds familiar – oh yea street outlaws.

    • Very good synopsis from someone who has been there and I believe every word! Some people are going to tracks and starting a Street Outlaws style “list” independent of the bozos at NHRA. Because it is FUN. As suggested, NHRA has zero imagination and is about profit centers in a business they seem not to understand because they are not racers at heart so in business terms, they don’t understand their primary market. Too bad the market is too small for an AHRA or such to fight back with competition. Racers have never been able to manage the business side of things very well either, so it seems both sides have weaknesses that hurt the business. And how is it a bunch of Oklahoma hayseeds can make a very popular show with a mish-mash of different-level cars when NHRA can’t attract an audience with unlimited dollar cars? They capture and create excitement that anyone who has raced can feel while watching, meanwhile NHRA is like watching paint dry. Seriously, how does watching a car auction generate more excitement in a home than watching drag racing??? At least the Street Outlaws have the humility to say they’re dumbasses beginning every show, maybe NHRA management should start by repeating that mantra at every meeting.

  19. Wayne Roberts you are so RIGHT this country has been taking from we the people for way to long. Also John Force has to get 40 million from sponcerships to do what he does I stopped watching him when he took Mike Neff out of a Race Car his Son inlaw needs to go??? Just my thoughts!!!
    I see that the NHRA is doing what is called selective enforcement only!!! Street Outlaws just stands out they have there hearts in RACING that is the point no other all have done what The Street Outlaws are doing if you ever had a street car race car.
    My thoughts are if you have never owned a NHRA licence then your not ELIGIBLE to work for the NHRA PERIOD NO EXCEPTIONS NONE YOUR FIRED PERIOD!!!IN WITH REAL RACERS THAT HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE IT!!!

  20. I met most of the cast from Street Outlaws @ the PRI show in Indy.
    They are down to earth guys with a opportunity to have their 15 minutes of fame.
    Their goal is to show NHRA that is so unfortunate that all Wally Parks worked for in his life, is in vain.
    He worked for the little guy, don’t get me wrong, the rocket cars, wheel standers and pro mods are definitely cool.
    The drivers are obviously trained and disciplined.
    But like I have stated before, its to darn expensive to take even a family of four to a race, that oddly enough mostly females that love the drags.
    I hope NHRA wakes up soon, because the events that I have been to aren’t even bringing the high dollar show stoppers they use to. Even the crowds have dropped below half.
    Go Street Outlaws!!!!!!

  21. I think what we do is what we do why should anyone tell us why we can or cannot race on the street ir the track. I love the fact that the shkw came out simply because it has helped our sport by bringing the fans back in. Yea the ceo of nhra can say its not about tgem having better ratings than us we had the best ratings this year then we have had in years well why is that because this show brought them back to you. I personally only whatch the pro stock class and wish they had more of the little guys then the top fuel and funny cars. Show the other classes and get the guys back that are weekend racers and show off the classes we need tge youth of today to run in. Idk what each of you think but tgats my rant lol

  22. It’s a shame,they could make it a longer event. I know my wife and kids and myself pick which little guy car is going to win all day long.
    It’s a fun thing, my oldest daughter knows not to race on the streets.
    We are building her a ride for the track.
    I have a car to use on the track.
    Families like to do stuff like this. I think that is what made the sport fun. But sadly is dwindling away.

  23. If you look very close you will see during the races they have big lights, i have seen flashes of police officrs in uniform that are obviously off duty for security.

    I personaly like the show but there iare things they dont want you to see. I am not saying races arent real but i am conviced it is done on closed rodes so the NHRA might not like that it is presented as against the law but does this mean all movies with race scenes or chase scenes should also be removed.

    • In the fine print Dicovery admits that all races are on a closed course with all manner of safety equipment, remember when they made Farmtruck have a fire suit for the dog? There’s no way their lawyers would allow them to race illegally, way too much liability. The NHRA is just way behind the curve on this, this stuff goes on all over around the country and them just saying don’t do it without offering an alternative is the same thing as telling a teen save your virginity for marriage, some will heed the warning, but most won’t.

  24. They are accurately described as Outlaws. What they do is very, very illegal–not to mention stupid. And in all likelihood, not one of their cars would meet an NHRA safety inspection. I would like to see these clowns on a real drag strip where they could TRY to compete against real racers. The one episode I saw where some of their group went to a real strip they were humiliated. No big surprise.

  25. I think the NHRA oversteps, they have serious problems and are barely able to get enough 16 cars qualified for the pro classes. Been a long-time fan and past racer (little bit at US30 and Oswego – went there more for tuning than for racing) in the early seventies but I find myself really not paying attention disappeared to NHRA – started waning when Steve Evans expired and I lost track of Bob Frey & Dave McClelland or they just disappeared… I find the NHRA pro cars all pretty homogeneous and boring. As to the Outlaw show what I have seen says it’s a staged program (closed road, security, inspections, emergency personnel so I don’t get the outrage – we have all manner of staged, fake, reality, scripted reality shows and as a viewer I can separate the reality from the other so I think the outrage is all fake too. My two cents anyways.

  26. Dave, right on the money. I am in total agreement the once or twice i saw uni’s it was quick and obviously an oversight but that takes zero away from the true races and the fun of watching and my wish of being behind the wheel, short of that would love to drive from Austin to watch a race.

  27. To me it’s all about money! If I had a sanctioning body I would want to keep it profitable. But when you get to the way NHRA is and I race and build cars that go there, it becomes a money pit. Many of the people that I know would never go to an NHRA event anyways. Here’s a point if you purchase a transmission shield made of aluminum after 5 years it’s no good you have toss it, if it is made of a particular fabric it’s good for only 2 years. This is where NHRA is protecting their sponsors. You are forced to go out and buy safety gear over and over again for no reason. This is just one part, there are more. An aluminum shield 20 years down the road has no change, Zero. If you blow your transmission your glad it’s there and the shield did its job. Now what do you do? You go out and buy another shield it won’t work twice! Any moron could figure this out. Spark plugs you throw away, oil you throw away a perfectly good shield, no that just pisses people off. This is how they will say it we are not Roundy rounder’s, we don’t turn left, we don’t play in the mud, we don’t tear are cars up, and we don’t go down to the local car wash and flood our cars with water to get the mud out and off of our vehicles. Our seat belts are pristine our cars are beautiful and they stay that way we don’t hit each other like the Roundy rounder’s do. So, why are we buying safety gear over and over again. The airliner you fly in their safety equipment
    is 20 years old on some of the planes.

    Then you have there is no real air time on less your John Force or some Pro Team. That is the one thing that gets me I’ve built cars for over 30 years and never once got any air time, recognition, or an attaboy. So for me to crawl out of the ghettos has been
    impossible, but, I still have hope that someday I will and that it will
    have been a long time coming.

    Still, it does come down to money. The sales of gate, television time, commercial placement, and the almighty sales of bobble heads and other. It equates to millions of dollars to NHRA and they are not going to stop it or as said, kick a gift horse in the mouth. It is the best system that we have, but the problem is that the country we are in
    worships only money and that is the real problem. I use money only as a tool, to get stuff done. I don’t use money as a power trip to get my way or I’ll throw a tantrum.

    To me it’s like that, well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    We need to learn how to work together and not worry so much about who’s running things, just get stuff done and things will take care of itself.

    • EXACTLY what you say. It’s asinine to replace belts, and shields, and flex plates as often as they require. There is not doubt on my mind they are in collusion with these venders and their sponsors. No Doubt About It…!!!!!

    • Show more than top fuel cars…. Top fuel may or may not bring fans in. comp cars, modified, big tire little tire, true 10 cars, outlaws classes… Bring it.. Classes that someone can feel like they could have a shot at having. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday races.

      Even Import races.. Mustang Vs Camaro vs Challenger… Use your head…

  28. Street Outlaws does a better job promoting their entertainment venue. NHRA should get a better TV contract I’m tired of recording woman’s basketball when racing is scheduled to be on ESPN. Wake -up NHRA You are competing for a audience in a entertainment venue.

    • The NHRA and TV only show Top Fuel races. Funny Car and dragster races… I would rather a full day of Pinks than just top fuel. Show what the people they want. What about ProStock, Comp classes, modified classes… Any one seen Nostalgia Super Stock Racing ?

  29. Actually,I just figured it out.
    This is NHRA’s version of a focus group. They ran out of ways to earn cash. Through out a common discrepancy to the masses,looking to stir the embers before they throw a log on, to start a blaze.
    Next , they will probably invite the Street Outlaws to various track to gain even more money.
    I believe that if we as racers/consumers maybe duped into going to see what will be next.
    We need to stand up to the NHRA, tell them we don’t need their carp.
    Maybe their world would get better,have people in their team that know what the little guy needs.
    Making the experiences for racers,families,consumers most pleasurable.
    Not worrying about big name stars.
    Maybe it would take the limelight away from those big time drivers so they can focus on driving instead of sponsors

  30. I understand the NHRA position of street racing but I think it’s way over reaching on this one. First of all this is not Illegal street racing. It is a form of reality TV for racers. It’s a TV show…!!! At this point if anybody still thinks this show is actually illegal street racing then something is wrong with them. The shows racing is completely controlled and the fact that NHRA is concerned that somebody might get hurt or killed isn’t really any of their business. I believe every year racers get hurt or killed at NHRA tracks as well. So NHRA isn’t 100 percent perfectly safe either so this is a very weak argument. The NHRA license is for the NHRA tracks and what somebody does away from the Dragstrip shouldn’t be any of their concern.

  31. It has been a rule for ever that if you we’re found street racing you could loose you privileges to participate in the N.H.R.A. why should the rules be changed for a TV show that promotes the breaking of any laws? yes we all street raced at one time in our lives but to promote the breaking of the law and put the people in a bad situation like this will only promote people to do this on their own with out any safety’s or care for others safety. I have seen several people severely hurt and killed during street races. you have unsafe cars, drivers, and even spectators at these type of events. too many tv shows are promoting bad thinking and lack of better judgement. the drag strip provides a safer place with safety crews and tech checks to help provide a safer place to unleash the raw power we put in our cars, trucks and motorcycles, at least pinks all out did their racing on the drag strip with full safety crews and tech checks and rules. this is a show I will not watch or promote!

  32. Lets look at this, I guess that NHRA has forgotten that it was illegal street racing that founded the organization. Not all racer can run to a sanctioned race strip and run the quarter or fourth of a mile.They are pissed because it takes millions away from their pockets. I use to face in my younger years and would rejoin at the drop of a hat or the flash of a flashlight. Give them a break NHRA.

  33. I understand where the NHRA is coming from on this matter and those are there rules so it is there right to in force them. On the other hand I feel like the NHRA has become to commercialized and expensive for the average weekend warrior who likes to go racing. Sometimes it seems like they have forgotten where it all started. I spend most of my time at the local tracks which are mostly IHRA 1/8 mile tracks. Street racing has been going on forever even after all of the sanctioning bodies and before Street Outlaws. People do what people choose to do. At the end of the day it is all up to the individuals. We do not have any decent car shows and this one has been the best so far show casing the cars more than the people. It actually has real passionate car guys on it.


  35. NHRA needs to get a life..
    This is a t.v. program, and a reality. Yes its street racing, and permits are bought, and all necessary emergency equipment present.. I think NHRA has well over stepped their limits now.. They need to back off and worry about taking of their program, and leave this one alone..this is my .02 worth… As far as I am concerned the NHRA program has gone in the toilet over the last 15 years..

  36. Does anyone believe that Don Prudhomme or John Force received this same letter from the NHRA after the episode of Americarna aired where Mr. Prudhomme was filmed in a staged street race and Force talked about all the street racing he did in his younger days? The NHRA requires that all racers have valid driver licenses issued by the State, so that if your State issued drivers license is suspended or revoked for any reason (such as illegal street racing, DUI, etc.) so is your NHRA license. Why the HNRA letters?

  37. We need to realize this is a photo shoot setup you would never get away with is on the street has a taste of realty . NHRA needs to expand the need for back yard racer for DOT and bracket racing with will interest the die hard fans that do not relate to the big money in the top sponsored cares such as top fuel and funny cares .Are fun to watch once a year . Street cares can run every weekend ?at the same track and have favorites just like oval track racing has a big die hard fan bass.

  38. NHRA only has authority over what racers do at the track. If they did have authority over everyone’s personal life then half of the so-called professional racers would be sanctioned.

  39. I like the show and I watch it every week. It’s easy to spot the fake stuff, but the real racing is fun to watch. If the show runs long enough someone is going to get hurt, there are just too many poles and curbs and the like for it to be safe. I’ve had a first hand experience with a power pole, they can slice deep.
    But, it’s in a controlled environment where only the nut (or two nuts) behind the wheel are taking the risk (mostly true). So with that said, the NHRA needs to stop trying to tell people what they can do on their own dime and their own time. This big brother stuff is out of line. Back off NHRA, we already have local, state and federal, (and our wives) we don’t need NHRA ruling our personal lives also. Street racing is going to happen as long as there are two kids with cars, fast cars or not. Next the NHRA would say anyone with a YouTube video of a fast car doing something illegal on the street is restricted from a NHRA event. Too much control I say.

  40. Funny too is reading many of these post where people talk of it being illegal. The test hits they do are certainly illegal (unless that’s faked) when they appear to be on public roads. But the racing that takes place does take place on closed roads with consent of the locations owners. It’s a show, there is less Outlaw here than most people are understanding. People seem to being fooled by the shows title. The street racing is for sure on a real public street, but it’s a closed street. That kind of thing happens in lots of venues all over the world, close road… racing. What’s illegal about racing on a closed road, nothing. Risky yes, great chance to get hurt real bad, but not illegal.

  41. If the NHRA wants us to be ” legal “, then maybe they should start building more tracks for us to race on. The Long Island scene SUCKS, and we basically have no choice.. Build it, and they will come…

  42. NHRA is just pissed off because they are getting worse ratings than some little low-budget “reality” show that they can’t get their mitts on the revenue from. Check out the salaries for the big dogs of NHRA and see if that’s fair for a so-called non-profit organization that says they are all about “Dedicated to Safety.” The only safety they are dedicated to is their bank account. I am an NHRA member and active racer at my local 1/8th mile track.

  43. I don’t even watch it anymore. It’s so boring with all the fake drama between the racers and fake outlaw b.s. (yawn)

  44. The Hell With The NHRA! They Don’t Give A Shit About Us Little Dog Racers! We Don’t Have The Money To Run With Erica Ender-Stevens Or Greg Anderson So They Turn Their Backs On Us! So F**k Those People! Street Racing Is Here To Stay! I’ve Been A Street Racer Since 1980 And I’m 55 Now And Still Tearing Up The Streets And Have No Plans To Stop Until I’m Too Damn Old To Do It Anymore! I Want To Start A Top 10 Street Racers List Here In Washington State To Go And Kick Those Oklahoma Street Outlaws Asses And Show Them That They Don’t Have The Fastest Cars In The Nation! Anyone Interested? Need Cars That Run 8 Second Quarter Miles And Faster! My Ford Powered Vega Runs 6.90 @ 205 Mph Anyone Interested In Starting A Top 10 List With Me Can Contact Me At http://[email protected] R.McGee

  45. Romeo, I am with you… Currently making plans to start a build of a 69 mach 1 with a full carbon fiber doored body, on a tube frame from jerry bickle or a hass car, power would be a 900cid ford from one of the pro builders. Time wise it should run right in there. This is not fro nhra racing and I think we should form a new corp called SORA… Street Outlaw race association.
    Im a ex NHRA super gas and super comp racer (back when we had real launches and real races) and I have had seat time in Alky funnies too back in the day of Vern Moats and Bob Glidden.

  46. Nhra has gotten away from grass roots racing and priced itself out of the younger generation. I am all for safety but the price tag is rediculous. New belts every 2 years when they are still as good as new. It’s called more money for their SFI bullshit. Things need y be inspected not replaced just so the sponsors can get rich.

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