New Dirt Track Tires for Hot Rods and Vintage Racers


Photo: Courtesy of Coker Tire. This Vicky is rolling on a set of 5.00-17 and 8.20-19 Firestone Dirt Track tires, but Coker has recently expanded its offerings to bigger dirt track tires.

You’ve got the perfect project car – a vintage rod or racer that’s going to do more than sit in the garage gathering dust, or grace a showroom floor. It’s a beauty with a big, tuned engine and you want to take it out on the town.  You’ve put all that effort into restoring the chassis, choosing paint, commissioning the upholstery, so you’re not going to put just any tire on your new baby.  Coker Tire has long been the go-to tire for the nostalgia crowd, from the whitewalls and black walls to the vintage dirt track tire, including the Firestone Dirt Track Ribbed front tires and Grooved rear tires.

The success of those particular dirt track tires prompted Coker to release two brand new Dirt Track Grooved Rear sizes for traditional hot rods and vintage racecars.

Firestone-Dirt-Track-11.00-15-Rocket-Injector, 2/10/14, 2:44 PM,  8C, 6568x6486 (450+2207), 100%, Custom,   1/8 s, R100.1, G75.3, B92.9


11.00-16 “Double Diamond” Dirt Track tires for vintage hot rods and sprint cars have been a “much requested” item for quite some time. It was a popular size for sprint cars, and translated well to hot rods from the ‘70s and ‘80s. A number of famous hot rods, including “Jake’s Coupe”, the “Limefire” Deuce roadster and many more, rolled on a set of Firestone 11.00-16’s, even though the tires were originally intended for racing.

The Limewire Deuce Roadster rockin’ out at the Grand National Roadster show.

Generally, a Firestone Dirt Track 11.00-16 is mounted to a 16×10-inch (or wider) magnesium or aluminum racing wheel, such as a Halibrand Sprint or an ET-III. And while these wheels are perfect for a traditional hot rod, they are also very rare and expensive, so Coker Tire decided to produce the same tire to fit a 15-inch wheel. This means you can mount them to a 15×10-inch wheel, which is much easier to find. The new 11.00-15 and 11.00-16 sizing is just right for traditional hot rods, and it’s also period correct for many sprint cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Additionally, Coker Tire has released two more new sizes, 14/31-15 and 14/31-16 for applications that need a wider rear tire.

These tires use the same four-ply nylon construction as the other tires in the Firestone Dirt Track product line. The tires are made in the USA using brand new molds to exactly replicate the original 11.00-16 sizing, and all four new sizes are DOT approved.

To learn more about Coker Tire’s newest additions to the Firestone Dirt Track product line, visit

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