NASCAR Truck Series Driver Threatens To Quit Over Confederate Flag Ban

With NASCAR drivers standing in solidarity to end racial prejudice, one driver decided to go a different way.

After NASCAR banned the display of confederate flags from its events, NASCAR Truck Series driver Ray Ciccarelli, announced the end of his career with a social media post on Wednesday:


It remains to be seen if other drivers will join Cicarelli. One thing is for certain, the line in the sand has clearly been drawn by NASCAR.

3 Comments on NASCAR Truck Series Driver Threatens To Quit Over Confederate Flag Ban

  1. Nascar just told its largest fan base to ,” Go to hell.” They told their historic base and the region of the country that was and is their biggest supporters ,” You guys don’t matter anymore . Our days of needing you are have now passed, so you no longer matter.”
    All over a guy that is a no talent and a non winner that is not even black , but is biracial if not multiracial , that got his ride because of his color. Nascar and Petty Enterprises are the big losers in this deal , and I feel for Richard Petty , the biggest name in Nascar and one of oldest teams in Nascar.
    I have to wonder what Big Bill France would have to say on this matter were he still alive .
    Nascar , Nice to know ya .
    Bubba Wallace, you’re not even a trailblazer as there have many blacks in the sport before you , and you never be the star or the winner . Find something more suited to your ability ,maybe like Community Organizer . Who knows? Obama rode that title to the White House .

  2. Once upon a time in these United States of America, the loser was looked down upon, if not outright derided and traitors were reviled.

    However, since the 2008 election, a small portion of our population wants to hold losers and traitors up as people to look up to, to be like. Funny, since these are also the people that decry the giving out of “participation trophies.”

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