Mustangs Stampede into History: Share Your Story for RacingJunk’s 60th Anniversary Celebration!

Car Features: Gilbert Ramirez and his 1965 Ford Mustang
Photo: Gilbert Ramirez and his 1965 Ford Mustang

Mustang owners! 2024 marks a monumental milestone for the iconic Ford Mustang – a legendary 60 years on the asphalt! To celebrate this roaring anniversary, [invalid URL removed] is revving its engines and calling on all Mustang enthusiasts to share their unforgettable rides!

From the very first 1964 model that rocketed hearts (and tire treads), Mustangs have ingrained themselves in automotive history. They’ve been the trusty steeds for weekend cruises, dominated drag strips, and left their mark on countless racetracks.

This is your chance to share your Mustang story!

Do you own a pristine, first-generation classic? Perhaps you’ve meticulously restored a muscle car from the golden age. Maybe your Mustang is a modern marvel, built for speed and precision.

We want to hear about it all!

Submit a high-resolution photo of your Mustang and a brief description of what makes it special. Tell us about its history, its quirks, and the memories you’ve made together. Was it your first car? A dream project? A family heirloom?

So, what are you waiting for?

Dust off your Mustangs, fire up your engines, and submit your story today! Together, let’s celebrate six decades of Mustang magic!

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