Krista Baldwin Heads Down to Texas with Scott Palmer Racing and Red Line Oil

Krista Baldwin, the owner and driver of a Top Fuel racing team, will be stepping in for Scott Palmer in his PBR Top Fuel dragster at the upcoming Texas NHRA FallNationals event at the Texas Motorplex. Alongside this exciting opportunity, Baldwin is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Red Line Oil for her Top Fuel journey. With the potential to achieve incredibly fast times in the 3.7-second range, Baldwin is eagerly looking forward to her collaboration with the SPR 5050 team in Texas.

A few weeks ago, Scott Palmer had an unfortunate on-track incident with his nitro-powered Studebaker, resulting in a broken wrist and other injuries that prevented him from competing in the Stampede of Speed this weekend. While actively searching for a new chassis for her racing program, Baldwin seized the perfect opportunity when Palmer offered her this chance.

Baldwin expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I’ve been tirelessly searching for a new chassis for my Top Fuel program, and in the midst of the countdown, many teams aren’t thinking about the off-season or acquiring new cars. When Palmer called, I knew this was the perfect next step.”

In addition to her participation in this weekend’s race, Baldwin is pleased to announce her partnership with Red Line Oil. With the potential to enhance her racing program through new collaborations, Baldwin is excited to work with a company that not only offers excellent customer service but also high-quality racing oils and lubricants.

Baldwin explained, “Red Line Oil marks the next phase for KBR. When we use their oils and lubricants in our 11,000-horsepower machines, it’s like our parts come out brand new. This is a significant advantage for me, especially considering I’m responsible for the car’s entire cost. Thanks to Red Line Oil, I can reuse parts multiple times.”

Mark Beatty of Red Line Oil expressed their company’s philosophy, saying, “We’re a family at Red Line Oil, dedicated to supporting the stores and locations that carry our products. We believe in lifting each other up, and we’re delighted to see Krista embody the same spirit. This partnership is a perfect fit for all of us. Thank you, Krista, for joining our family.”

Baldwin is eager to drive the PBR McLeod Racing Top Fuel entry this weekend, with the goal of joining the elite 3.7-second club in Top Fuel racing. She acknowledged the hard work her team, led by tuner Scott Graham, has put into achieving this milestone. However, it became clear that her chassis, manufactured in 2009 by Don Schumacher Racing, was no longer up to the task, necessitating an upgrade to a more modern and adaptable chassis.

As Baldwin continues to build her team for the 2024 season, she’s excited to have some fun with the Scott Palmer 5050 race team at one of the most significant events on the racing tour. Alongside PBR and McLeod Racing, Baldwin extends her appreciation to Revchem Composites, Mainline Sales, Breen Engineering, Sam and Chris Maus, and Orange County Plumbing for their support in Texas.

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