Is Summit Motorsports Park Closed for 2020?

A recent article has been circulating about Summit Motorsports Park and its future. Summit Motorsports Park is one of the largest tracks in the MidWest, so when Dragzine released their article about its possible closure for 2020, people listened.

The COVID-19 pandemic has many tracks doing the same all around the country and although there are tracks that are starting to open at limited capacity, there’s a sense that it may not be worth it.

This is, of course, following the announcement that the NHRA’s Summit Racing Equipment Nationals would not be held this season, due to aggressive schedule adjustments as a result of the Coronavirus.

2 Comments on Is Summit Motorsports Park Closed for 2020?

  1. Re-open and see what happens. I predict nothing will happen except a lot of people will enjoy themselves.

  2. I hate to see drag race tracks close, as there are so few left in the country. Thanks to our judges standing up for people who bought houses near existing tracks. That were there long before those homes were built!!!

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