Illegal Street Race Leads to Death in San Bernardino

A recent sting operation resulted in the arrest of 44 individuals and hundreds of citations.
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An illegal street race between two brothers in San Bernardino, CA on Wednesday night lead to the death of one of the drivers, and injuries to others who were uninvolved in the race.

It’s the third such death in Southern California this year, according to the Los Angeles Times, and it seems like this is the aspect of car and racing culture we just can’t get away from.

“The brothers were racing west on the open, straight mile-long stretch of Highland Avenue about 10 p.m. when the pace of competition quickly changed.

One of the brothers lost control of his 1992 Mitsubishi GT 3000, causing it to slide or spin head-on into a Toyota Corolla traveling east, said Lt. Rich Lawhead, spokesman for the San Bernardino Police Department.”  – via LA Times

The driver, Mark Anthony Jimenez, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into another car, killing himself and injuring those in the other vehicle.

We, as members of the racing and enthusiast communities, keep talking about these tragedies, and yet they still keep happening.  Is it because we’re glorifying these activities through our media and entertainment? Is it because the legal options available to those who want to push the throttle to the limit are unwelcoming, inaccessible? Is it simply that the immediate thrill of the race eradicates the more sensible internal advice that tells you to stop? We all know that legally sanctioned drag racing can also be dangerous, but the risk to innocent bystanders is far, far less.

A recent sting operation lead to the arrest of 44 individuals two weeks ago as officials crack down hard on these events. But such concentrated efforts require the buy in and cooperation of members of the general public, as well as the racing and enthusiast communities.

We here at the Burnout don’t know if there are any immediate answers, other than please to take the racing to a sanctioned track, and our thoughts go out to all of the families of those involved who are grieving these terrible losses and injuries.

3 Comments on Illegal Street Race Leads to Death in San Bernardino

  1. The National Hot Rod Association was born from tragedies such as is now occurring with illegal street racing. Deaths, arrests, cops vs kids, impounding cars, it’s all old news. Unfortunately, the NHRA has evolved into a money making machine devoted to profits, not safety as originally intended and stated. The reason that illegal racing is thriving is NOT because of TV shows such as ‘Street Outlaws’ or articles in the press or news, it’s because the NHRA has made grass roots racing totally unaffordable and complicated for young people. Until the NHRA changes, street racing will continue and grow. Wake up NHRA!

    • Agreed. So many of these companies have went cooperate or main stream and the only reason it to suit themselves. What ever happen to home grown American racing.. everything is ad based. no grass roots or the good ole boy racing.. and isn’t that what it’s all about. Sure I see “grassroots” popping up all over.. but most are illegal. I believe NHRA has lost sight of it’s self and as the OPer above stated.. there needs to be drastic change implements back into this format. I don’t mind the big companies sponsoring these events, but I do not like that most of the big companies end up controlling the event.. there is a difference. Get back on track and stop glamorizing illegal street racing.

  2. Winners are self proven and earn sponsorships at the drag strip. The outlaw street racers will always be in second place and last place in safety.

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