CARB Officially Recognizes SEMA Garage Detroit as an Independent Emissions Testing Facility

SEMA Garage Detroit has officially received confirmation from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that its new location is fully equipped for automotive exhaust emissions testing. CARB has issued a letter designating SEMA Detroit Garage as a Recognized Independent Emissions Lab, acknowledging it as a qualified facility for emissions compliance testing.

Mike Mohacsi, Vice President of SEMA Product Development and OEM Relations, expressed excitement about the recognition, stating, “Now both of our Garages in Detroit and Diamond Bar are fully recognized by CARB, enabling us to serve more of our member companies throughout the country.”

This acknowledgment from CARB positions SEMA to better serve its membership by providing certification-level automotive exhaust emissions testing. This service allows members to develop products that can be sold nationwide, as testing is crucial in the CARB Executive Order (EO) process, especially for products that may impact vehicle emissions. SEMA’s expertise in understanding regulatory processes, including the federal Clean Air Act and the California Vehicle Code, allows them to offer unparalleled knowledge, assisting companies with compliance through essential emissions testing services and guidance in navigating regulatory standards. This support facilitates manufacturers in efficiently testing, developing, certifying, and bringing their products to market expeditiously.

As of February 2024, there are only 14 Independent Vehicle Emissions Testing Labs in the United States, including the two SEMA Garages, officially recognized by CARB for light-duty tailpipe emissions testing.

Ben Kaminsky, General Manager of SEMA Garage Detroit, emphasized that the emissions testing labs at SEMA Garages in Detroit and Diamond Bar focus on developing and certifying aftermarket components, making them unique in the country.

The SEMA Garage Detroit emissions lab, established in 2022, provides comprehensive services, including access to a state-of-the-art facility, advanced emissions tools, competitive rates, assistance with vehicle procurement, and real-time observation of testing by manufacturers. Additionally, the SEMA Garage Compliance Center within the facility can assist manufacturers throughout the entire CARB application process, further simplifying the path to regulatory approval. The facility also boasts an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Center and offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) measuring sessions, scanning services, and advanced tools and equipment.

SEMA’s emissions and compliance teams, comprised of dedicated full-time staff, guide members through the CARB EO application and testing requirements, providing support in communication with CARB at every step. The CARB recognition coincides with a significant achievement for the SEMA Garage program, securing over 700 CARB EOs for its members, underscoring its crucial role in facilitating emissions compliance and regulatory approval for aftermarket products. SEMA also offers the SEMA Certified-Emissions program, meeting the requirements of the EPA’s Tampering policy and enabling manufacturers to sell confidently in 49 states.

SEMA Garage services are available to all SEMA members and can be accessed in Plymouth, Mich., and Diamond Bar, Calif. For more information, visit

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