Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018

Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018

More than 2,400 companies introduced over 3,000 new products at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Out of those, one, the Rancho JL Wrangler Sport Suspension System from Rancho/DynoMax, was named the Best New 4X4 and Off-Road Product of the Year. Earning Runner-Up awards was the Next Generation Step Slider from Rock-Slide Engineering. Making RacingJunk’s list of the Best 4X4 and Off-Road products at this year’s SEMA Show are products from Air Lift, ORACLE Lighting and ICON Vehicle Dynamics and Pro Eagle as well.


Rancho/DynoMax Earns Best Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product

Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018

Rancho has been a manufacturer of high quality off-road and 4X4 suspension products for a number of years. This year they’ve come out with a suspension kit for the Jeep JLU that doesn’t require any welding; it’s completely bolt-on. Their Jeep JLU 2” Sport Suspension Systems were awarded the Best Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product at SEMA 2018 because it comes with progressive rate coils that are corner-specific for great performance off-road and excellent on-road comfort. The kit, which also comes with RS5000X shocks with (DRS) Technology, allows for the use of tires up to 35 inches.


Rock-Slide Engineering’s Next Generation Step Slider Earns Best Off-Road Product Runner-Up

Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018
Rock Slide Engineering

Rock Slide Engineering has come out with the next generation of their step slider for the Jeep JK, a completely bolt-on kit that provides added on- and off-road protection for your Jeep’s rocker panels. These step sliders are helpful for those with extreme lift kits, automatically swinging down 12 inches when the door is opened. Construction is of laser-cut 11 gauge steel that is the finished with a textured black powder and a thermoplastic coating to make sure it stands up to years of heavy use.


ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2017-up Raptor Rear Hydraulic Bump-Steer Kit

Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018
ICON Vehicle Dynamics

Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit for 2017 and up Ford Raptor from ICON Vehicle Dynamics is the first part on this list not made for a Jeep product. One of the major problems off-road enthusiasts experience during extreme trail excursions is excessive suspension travel, resulting in the vehicle bottoming out, which often causes suspension and frame damage. The hydraulic bump stops, which have 2.5 inches of travel, make use of velocity-sensing technology to automatically adjust the damping forces top and exponentially increase their damping ability.


Pro Eagle Earns Special Mention Off-Road/Outdoor Product Award for Their Big Wheel Jacks

Award-Winning New Off-Road and 4X4 Products at SEMA 2018
Pro Eagle

The jacks with which most vehicles come from the factory are usually inadequate even for stock ride height cars and trucks. Add even a one or two inch lift to your truck and you’re likely to need a tow truck to raise the vehicle enough to change a flat wheel. Enter the Big Wheel Off Road Jack line from Pro Eagle. These jacks are equipped with large HD wheels for rolling around in sand, plus a padded extension that gives up to eight inches of added lift to jack up even the tallest truck. To prevent internal component damage and sinking into sand, the Big Wheel (Kratos) jacks also have a skid plate that runs the full length of the jack.

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