The Three Best YouTube Car Channels

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels

I’ve spent most of my downtime over the past few months checking out car-related channels on YouTube. I’ve found a number that I like and keep going back to, and an even larger number that I watched once or twice. Of the ones I keep going back to, three stand out; of these, Mighty Car Mods is my favorite. For fabrication work there’s The Fab Forums and Tinman 2 Kustoms.


Mighty Car Mods

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
After checking out dozens of channels, Mighty Car Mods has become my favorite car-related YouTube channel.

The guys at Mighty Car Mods are my favorites for a number of reasons. Marty and Moog started out working on cars in their driveways and garages, Marty at his mother’s house. They have since moved to their own garage (being from Australia, they call it a shed). They’ve also branched out to having their own website ( with its accompanying channel mcmtv2 and a spin-off show called The Skid Factory starring their friend Turbo Yoda (Al) with his friend Woody.

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
This screenshot shows Marty describing some of the work he and Al did on his Lancer, on which they installed a turbocharged MIVEC engine. You can see Moog’s Nissan Sylvia (Datsun 240Z) in the background. These were both awesome builds.

Marty, Moog, Al and Woody all combine humor with showing viewers some pretty cool builds, although most of us from North America won’t be familiar with many of the makes and models they work on, since they are in Australia. However, a few, like the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Nissan Sylvia (240Z to Americans) are cars we are familiar with. Moog and Marty really aren’t mechanics, and this is something that makes their channel a little more appealing. I definitely recommend that you check these guys out.


The Fab Forums

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
This is the fourth or fifth The Fab Forums video that I watched and the one that hooked me on the channel.

This channel is run by a guy named Kyle Voss. I started paying attention to The Fab Forums when I watched a video of his and he mentioned that he was from Cupertino, which shares a border with my hometown of San Jose, Calif. and is in fact within walking distance of where I grew up. I even graduated from the same high school he did, albeit more than two decades earlier.

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
This screenshot shows the first video in a weekly series that Kyle started highlighting the tools he uses in the shop, which he calls “You Need This Tool!” The show comes out on Fridays.

After finishing that video I subscribed, went to his channel’s homepage and picked a video to watch at random. It was on his Fox Body Mustang project which he calls The Bibbster, although calling the car a Fox Body is stretching things a bit because he’s removed most of the body and was replacing the whole frame. It was the cantilever rear suspension system with oil tanks that he was designing in front of my eyes that hooked me though. I actually had to look it up to see what he was describing verbally. I respect his work enough to have asked him to use images from his videos several times.


Tinman 2 Kustoms/Tinman II Kustoms

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
This image from Luke Merrill shows him in front of the car he built for the SEMA Young Guns Build-Off at SEMA 2017. He calls the car Wild Torquey.

Tinman 2 Kustoms is run by a self-made fabricator named Luke Merrill. Many of you will remember Luke and his channel from two articles I wrote covering projects of his – the $600 restoration of his ’65 C-10 when he was 18 and the article about his selection for the SEMA Young Guns Build=Off at the 2017 SEMA Show. He’s building a sweet ’40 Chevy for his mom for this year’s build-off.

The Three Best YouTube Car Channels
This screenshot shows Luke working next to the car he’s building for the Young Guns Build-Off at SEMA 2018. He calls the car TinMama because he’s giving it to his mom after the competition. Here he’s doing some work on the radiator support.

Although I don’t much care for his music selection during his videos, considering the fact that he’s completely self-taught, he’s damn good at what he does. He documented the C-10 build really well, showing his good work and his not so great work. You could see his thinking and skills improve as the build went on. Considering that he only spent $600 on the build (he got all the metal from his dad’s scrap pile) it looks excellent, especially since it started out with a tree growing through the floorboards! Luke builds rat rods and he uses techniques he’s come up with in the five or six years since the C-10 build. You should go check out the channel. You won’t be disappointed.

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