Spud Miller from FIE Talks About Their Supercharged “Old School” EFI System


We got the opportunity to talk to Spud Miller from Fuel Injection Enterprises and got to chat about their Old School SuperCharged EFI Plate System. Definitely a cool product for those of you that want to have all the benefits of EFI for your blower but still keep that killer “old school” look!

1. Why do think there’s such a market for people that want to  maintain that “old school” look when it comes to EFI?

Well, everyone knows that EFI is far superior to carbs. The problem with  Hot Rodders moving to EFI seems to be the appearance. No one likes  wires, sensors and fuel rails all over their engine. Our approach hides  all that modern stuff. In fact, the coolest thing ever would be to run  mechanical injection, but that doesn’t work on the street at all! Our Old School EFI Supercharged setup gives the appearance of mechanical injection (a bug on a blower) with the fantastic performance and  drivability that EFI offers. The EFI stuff is hidden and it looks  mechanically injected.

2. To someone who hasn’t made the switch to EFI yet, how easy is it to tune one of these systems?

Very easy! The system can be pre-loaded with a starting configuration before it even leaves our shop. Then the system is set to “self-tuning” mode. The computer monitors the sensors in the system and tunes it for you. It learns as you drive, constantly updating and learning. It delivers easy starting, great idle, and fantastic performance anywhere from idle, through partial throttle to wide-open.

3. How big of an application can this plate handle?

We have several different injector options to handle the mildest of blown applications all the way up to 1,000 HP monsters on gas.

 4. Who is this product perfect for?

This system is ideal for blown hot rods or the street/strip enthusiast who want maximum driveability and performance while looking uncluttered, authentic and “old school”.

5. What car did you do your first burnout in?

My first car was a ’57 Chevy. When it first hit the highway, it had a 327 and the stock rear end. The thing would light up one tire forever!

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