Brian France Gets Busted, Steps Down from NASCAR

Brian France Gets Busted, Steps Down from NASCAR

Drug abuse is everywhere and no one is immune. Not even Brian France, CEO of NASCAR. The third generation NASCAR leader was arrested on Long Island, NY for driving while intoxicated (DWI) during a routine traffic stop in Sag Harbor Sunday night.

After blowing through a stop sign, France was subject to a field sobriety test, which he failed. He was later searched, according to TMZ Sports, with the controlled substance (7th degree) oxycodone found on his person.

France’s high blood alcohol content, combined with the presence of this controlled substance, resulted in his arrest. He was processed, held overnight, arraigned at the Sag Harbor Village Justice Court on Monday and released on his own recognizance.

Brian France has been the CEO and chairman of NASCAR since 2003; his uncle Jim France is taking over the company’s helm as he deals with the arrest and, hopefully, with the treatment Brian France needs.

France’s legal issues could be multi-faceted. Certainly he will face fines, and with the dual issues of this arrest he could face jail time as well. Certainly his ability to drive the 2017 Lexus he was operating at the time of his arrest will be curtailed; he could easily lose his license in New York.

France’s statement released late Monday afternoon said, “I apologize to our fans, our industry and my family for the impact of my actions last night. Effective immediately, I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from my position, to focus on my personal affairs.”

NASCAR confirmed, “Brian France has taken an indefinite leave of absence from NASCAR as chairman and chief executive officer. Effective immediately, NASCAR Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President Jim France has assumed the role of interim chairman and chief executive officer.”

Jim France is familiar with alcohol and drug problems as his own son, J.C. France, went through similar issues several years ago.

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4 Comments on Brian France Gets Busted, Steps Down from NASCAR

  1. You Boys need any help out there, Give me a call. I have never drank, used drugs, smoked tobacco or even cussed– EVER.. Heck, I dont even spit on the ground when anyone is looking. and yes, I know how to turn right to go left. Been doing that for more than 5 decades. I pretty sure a guy like me with a clean record is hard to find.

  2. Driving a Lexus. What a joke. The American manufacturers made him what he is and all he wants to do is kissToyota’s ass. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he will step down for good. Just hope someone that knows racing get’s it. I don’t watch the crap they call racing today. May as well be the WWE.

  3. Brian, Take the help if offered addiction is a decease and is treatable if you do the work!I live in recovery myself and you will be amazed what can happen for you sober! You are not alone!
    Don A

  4. Don’t let this get you down Brain. If you do have a problem please get the help that you need and get back to the job that you love to do. At least you are man enough to admit that you partied a little to much and got brhind the wheel of a car. Get better and get back to work man.

    Wild Harold

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