Behind the Wheel Podcast Episode 10: Brendon Raymondi


Behind the Wheel Podcast Episode 10: Brendon Raymondi

While many of us are familiar with drag and circle track racing, your friends here at have yet to slip Behind The Wheel with a unique driver like Brendon Raymondi.

This ambitious drift/stunt driver and former Rally Cross AWD Champion was born with racing fuel in his veins. While some 16-year-olds dream of obtaining their drivers license, there are few who dream of becoming a household name in fearless driving.

Years later, this road warrior racer has battled all kinds of elements, from icy/snowy tracks in an unprepped machine to other serious drift racing challengers with similar aspirations to prove that nothing can stop him from overcoming a challenge. This sideways driver even has other skills like acting and stand-up comedy, and has his own hysterical series of virtual driving videos that showcase the best ways to live fast, on the edge, all while laughing and being silly.

Tune in to the latest edition of Behind The Wheel and let this fun-loving speed demon, who they now call the DriftSlut, tell you why he is the next superstar in the making.

To find out more about Brendon Raymondi, check out this motorsports funny man on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Do you have suggestions for the Behind The Wheel podcast this season? Drivers you think would made great interviews? Let us know in the comments below.

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