[Video] Mr. Gasket Functional Drag-Style Scoops

Mr. Gasket is offering these functional Street Scoops for your ride. The mechanical butterflies remind us of the Enderle injectors that powered Top Fuel and Funny cars for years. There’s also a double-barrel “shotgun” version that’s compatible with both single- and dual-4-barrel applications. These link straight up to your carburetors to give some more air and more performance in addition to the cool old school look.


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  1. The problem with these ornamental scoops is that with the way they are designed they will not accept a air filter element large enough for adequate airflow on anything other than a very mild near stock engine!!! They use the tiny 6 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 to 3 inch tall air filters and there is not sufficient room to install a bigger diameter or taller filter in them including the single carburetor model which will choke a performance engine to death!!! If you want to sell more of these change your design to where they will accept a taller and or larger diameter filter element and you will see a lot more sold to those of us that have very high horsepower engines in our cars and is exactly why I went with the K&N velocity stacks that use a filter element that is much larger in diameter and is twice to three times as tall!!!! These are worthless from a performance standpoint and nothing but a silly looking piece of bling because they do nothing to enhance performance!!!

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