Lawsuit Remains Unsettled in Tony Stewart Case

Lawsuit Remains Unsettled in Tony Stewart Case

NASCAR veteran Tony Stewart’s hopes to see a wrongful death civil lawsuit come to terms recently blew up in smoke again. According to Stewart’s legal team, the second eight-hour mediation event in the last few months led to yet another stand-off with no resolve towards a settlement.

One year after Sprint Car driver Kevin Ward, Jr. was killed during an Empire Super Sprints race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York in 2014, Ward’s family filed a civil suit against the driver, who they said could have avoided hitting and killing their son after Ward exited his car, walked down the track toward Stewart’s car and was struck. While a grand jury found Stewart not criminally negligent for this accident in 2014, Ward’s family has continued to seek a financial liability settlement for their pain and suffering.

Both the Ward family and Stewart’s lawyers will once again have a chance to settle this ongoing case after a motion for a partial summary judgement on Stewart’s behalf takes place June 23 at the U.S. District Court located in Utica, New York.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates in this case.

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  • Herb Harvey

    This really has nothing to do with right or wrong or justice! It’s about greed and $$$$!

  • Michael Gilligan

    Just greedy people trying to get paid.kid had no business getting out of his car and being on the track . Sad situation, but it happens due to lack of common sense in a young man

    • delong003

      Plus a whole bunch of weed that completely impaired his decision making.

      • Merlyn Pickner

        They found it in his system something that takes 28 days to be removed. He most likely wasnt high at the time. And if you watch the live video of it. It is obvious that he hit the throttle as he went by him. Which swung the car and hit him. The Kid didnt walk in front of him and he sure could have missed him and as it is clear in the video

        • delong003

          Do you know anything at all about dirt racing and how they have to turn those cars? The physician who examined this kid said that he enough weed in him to totally and completely impair his judgement. This track was very dark, he had a complete black suit on AND a driver NEVER EVER gets out of his race car on an active track.

  • Chuck Hendrickson

    When people who sue say, “It’s not about the money,” it’s about the money.

    • mokeatlv

      amen now rhey are in over there head

  • delong003

    Just take this to court Tony. You’d win in a landslide. This family doesn’t deserve squat from you.

    • milkman383

      Would be really expensive to try the case, and you just never know what a jury will do. So, it’s in Tony’s interest to get a reasonable settlement in place, the lawyer will eat 2/3’s of whatever Tony ends up paying and then no one is happy but it’s a cheaper way out for Tony.

      • delong003

        Yeah I agree. But it just irks the hell out of me that this family doesn’t (or didn’t give) a crap about their son. Except for a huge monetary value. Totally and completely disgusting.

  • rob_wh

    The kid reacted wrong and now his family wants to reap a reward. ONLY in America! GREED knows no bounds. Tony should counter sue for wasting his time! The kid’s DEAD because the kid was STUPID and there’s only 1 fix for stupid, DEATH! He paid the ultimate price and while that is sad, it was his decision to make and he chose wrong. His family deserves NOTHING from Tony Stewart.

    • Mike

      Amen to that brother. I had people tell me before to do this or that, so I strapped them in . They had a whole different perspective them because their view was drastically different.

  • Rick GoPatriots

    The kid was high on weed, was involved in a wreck, and while wearing a black firesuit on a poorly lit track at night decides to walk in front of a racecar. How are
    his poor decisions Tony’s fault? His family is more concerned about cashing in than they were on his drug use and their failure as parents.

  • myfordtruck

    Tony needs to counter sue for emotional stress and dragging his name thru the mud and see how quick they want to settle

  • kstep15

    “Smoke Will Rise”….

  • Steve Hayes

    The bottom line is that Ward would be alive today if he had just stayed in his car! The family is wrong in attempting to turn this into a money deal based on the kids poor judgment.

  • Sean Armstrong

    bull shit!! tony did nothing wrong!!!!!

  • ISMA Supermodifieds

    I’ve been around racing for 50 years…I don’t believe Tony did it on purpose..but i do believe it meant to scare him…to let him know you don’t mess with Tony Stewart…But Tony isn’t as good as he thought he was…LITTLE TO CLOSE Tony !

  • Randall Cash

    The cars have cages to protect the driver inside
    Let s see he should stayed in the car
    But then again you see the big boys in Nascar get out of there cars and point fingers at the other drivers after a crash
    I WONDER where he LEARNED to do that.
    As for me I always stay around and in my car
    Thats where the steel bars ARE

  • Joe Walton

    do not walk on track no no no

  • Charlie Johnson

    Let’s take a look at this one more time. Shure I smoke weed. ( The stuff the kid had in his system) I do alot of shit in my life and smoke weed doing so.. I certainly wouldn’t smoke it before I got in my race car. Point…..2 is a black racing suit. The best choice for night racing. Prolly not. In the early race days Every pit person Driver at the night racers wore WHITE. Humm wonder why.. oh . To be seen perhaps. Point 3. Never leave your race car while on the track . . and if so because you think your in danger. Point 4.never run towards a moving car ( anyplace. Race track, parking lot, … Point 5. Leaving your bad . Attitude at home . ….O.k. all that said. Why the Hell is this even being considered by the courts as a worthwhile lawsiut.. It should have been tossed along time ago. . To Kevin’s parents. We are all sorry for the events that night. Please understand it was your son’s Choice to leave the race car and challenge another driver .
    Why? He was pissed. And your son Kevin would be alive today. Had he not done so. . As to your wanting Mr. Stewart $$$$$$$. Is plain idiopathic.. Don’t you think that Mr. Stewart suffers. Himself , Do to Your sons actions. ? For your son’s sake. The courts sake and the Racing. Community . It’s time to drop it. And let your Don Kevin Ward Jr. RIP.. 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    • DeeJay522

      Please tell me English is not your first language and that you are not a product of public education in the United States. PLEASE, for the love of god tell me this is not what the school system is producing.

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