[Video] What Not To Do With Wiring

Tom Kise from Holley Performance shows you what not to do with wiring.

Some things to remember:

1. Do not use Romex wiring. They are for your home and not your car.

2. Use proper crimping tools. Please do not use side cutters, channellock pliers, or hammers. 

3. Use proper soldering tools and techniques. 

4. Don’t improvise, take some time and do it right the first time.

  • j riz

    I see where he’s coming from. But clearly he’s very tired of answering phone calls from customers that have spent thousands of dollars (tired of doing his job) he even says in the video (he assumes) 90% of his phone calls are about people who wire things this way. I hope he never answers if I call. My box ended up being bad. I’d prolly drive to whatever yank town he answers phone calls from and smack fire from this fat mother fukk☆r

  • Joie Balke

    “Use proper soldering tools.”
    I am unaware of any wire to wire connection on a car that uses solder.

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