Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette

Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette


In 1953, Chevrolet decided to build the most iconic sports cars ever to be produced by an American automotive manufacturer. The Chevrolet Corvette may be the most scrutinized example of automotive design we’ve seen out of the big three. Love it or hate it, the Corvette has hung on to the position of the top American sports car for over half a century. Dodge, Ford, and foreign competition have been fierce for the Corvette; there’s no doubting that. Debuting in ‘53, the first generation Corvette would begin hitting the streets for a mere $3,490, a far cry from what one would cost you today.


Fast Forward….

Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette

Today the Corvette has successfully reinvented itself seven times. Chevrolet has been rolling its seventh generation Corvette off of assembly lines since 2014 and the car appears very different than before. One thing for certain, though – it still screams sports car, and it sure as hell still screams Corvette. Some naysayers have claimed the new Chevrolet looks too much like its foreign competition (Ferrari), but that’s not bad company to be in since the Italian manufacturer has always been known for building some for the most beautiful cars in the world. Naturally, no manufacturer wants their loyal buyers to think their new model looks like anything but their nameplate. Sales of the Corvette are critical to G.M. and its financial future, a future that Chevrolet faithfuls hope isn’t like the not-very-distant past.


Buying A Vintage Corvette

Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette

5.) Seasonal Seller ?

I don’t give a damn what anyone says, you can buy a sports car cheaper in the winter than you can the spring or summer time. If you’re looking to buy a Corvette, or any other muscle car for that matter, do yourself a favor and look north. You could find yourself a pretty sweet deal in a barn somewhere.

4.) Modified/Custom ?

I wouldn’t say you should shy away from a modified Corvette, but most automotive enthusiasts would tell you to be cautious. Personalizing your muscle car is fun, and Corvette owners would agree. Do yourself a favor and ask for a list of any modifications done to the car before even going to look at it.

3.) Service History ?

Cars that come with recorded service histories are almost always the cream of the crop. That’s as true as ever when buying a Corvette. Any owner willing to track a vehicle’s history shows a concern for the car, and they want that to show up when selling to a new buyer. Cars with reported service histories often cost a bit more dough, but are worth the extra expense in the long run.

2.) FiberGlass Repair ?

Chevrolet has used Fiberglass in the production of the Corvette. Fiberglass is notoriously hard to repair, and sports cars like Corvettes get crashed pretty hard sometimes. Look closely at the inside of the front bonnet and look for any previous repair work. If fiberglass isn’t repaired correctly it becomes even more brittle and begins to fall apart.

1.) Leave !

The best advice any person can give a potential Corvette buyer is don’t make an impulse buy! If you do happen to find a car you like, great, but don’t be afraid to walk away. It’ll save money and heartache in the end.


What are they worth?

Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette

Hagerty lists the value of a 1953 base Corvette at over $165,000. Wow – that’s a ton of money and should be called an investment at the very least. Prices quickly sail north of $300,000 depending largely on options and condition. That’s a big difference in pesos my friends, so be careful and do your homework if you find yourself lusting after a first generation ‘Vette!

Muscle Car Marketplace: Chevrolet Corvette

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