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The drag race season is pretty much over, unless you’re in Tulsa, OK this weekend, where the Osage Tulsa Raceway Park is hosting one of the biggest, baddest races around. And one of the most fun. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Weekend!

Tulsa Raceway is no stranger to large scale events, but the Redemption 6.0 No Prep race this weekend, November 24 & 25, is sure to to rock (and roll) the raceway as the best drivers in the game, including many of the stars of Street Outlaws, come to test their mettle with $100K at stake.


“These are the biggest names in the no-prep game,” explains Tulsa track manager Don Ellison. “All the guys on the TV shows, and all the super fast cars not on TV, will be here competing. The regular guys are getting their shot at racing these superstars and the fans will get to see it.”

Drivers like Daddy Dave, Monza, Tina Pierce, The God Father, Swampthing, Birdman, Tuff Enuff and many more will be at the event to strut their stuff against other racers, many of whom are just as competitive, if less well known.
“Tulsa has never had something quite like this. We’ve had No Prep races, but this is something else entirely,” explains track owners Keith Haney and Todd Martin. “We’re pretty excited to have it, and it features one of the biggest payouts ever.  We’d talked about doing our own No Prep race, but after talking to Shannon, we decided to partner up with her program.”
Shan Morgan is the force behind Redemption On the Road, which has put together this traveling race series.  “I went to a King of the Streets race in Chicago a few years ago,” she explains, “and knew we had to bring this to Texas. No Prep means they sweep the track and go at it. There’s no spray down, no prep of the track, and water burnouts only.”  She kicked off the event at Texas Raceway, and it quickly outgrew the facility — a goal all along, to take the show on the road to encourage racers to take the competition off the streets and bring it onto the track, while retaining the spontaneity and thrill of the street race, but in a safe space.  This makes it thrilling for racers and fans, and Tulsa is a perfect facility for this.
Redemption No Prep racing
No Prep racing comes in many forms.
The Tulsa track has a brand new front entrance, double lanes with turn roads, and concrete barrier instead of railings to protect fans — and drivers — from some of the wild rides that will rocket down the nearly mile-long track.
“It’s not any different to prep for this, hence the name,” explains Big Don. “It’s another big race. It’s what we do. We have a great facility here with a safety crew that’s second to none. It’s gonna be fun. Most of these cars will have enough trouble going down a prepped track, let alone a no prep. It’s gonna be wild.”

“All of the other racing is over for the season,” says Haney. “The weather is expected to be great. It’s gonna be a different type of atmosphere than other racing, and a great weekend for fans and drivers.”

“It’s a chance for unknowns to show their stuff,” says Big Don.  “I’d bet that the winner will be some guy who’s building his car in his car port, with more money in his race car than in his house.”

Shannon disagrees. She’s got her money on the stars, but not for the reasons you might think. “These guys — like Kye Kelley and Birdman who faced off in the January finals – are successful not just because they’re on TV. They’re good at what they do. They’ve been doing it as professionals for a long time. Regardless, I would just love to see a big showdown in the finals for the fans.”

No matter what, superstars or quiet contender, we know that the No Prep race will offer some stunning competition and we can’t wait to bring you the results.

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