Irwindale Still Scheduling 2017 Events

Irwindale Still Scheduling 2017 Events


Irwindale Event Center, despite having its land sold to a shopping mall developer two years ago, has scheduled events for the 2017 season. The events, which include Thursday Night Drags, Truckin’ for Kids, and the Formula Drift Championship, will run on their traditional dates.

Irwindale announced its intention to run events in 2016 around this same time last year. The nature of the Center’s delayed closing seems likely to be based on the shopping mall developer’s difficulty in securing commitments from potential tenant shops. If the developer continues to be unable to find tenant shops, it is even possible that Irwindale may continue running events in 2018 or later.

Irwindale Event Center was previously known as Irwindale Speedway. It was sold to the mall developer with the approval of city officials, who expressed the belief that an outlet mall would stimulate the local economy – a puzzling proposition, given that the speedway was already bringing in quite an audience, and race tracks are in shorter supply than strip malls. Nevertheless, the developer’s issues in finding potential occupant businesses has allowed the track to continue holding events for a number of years after it was sold, and with luck may continue to do so.

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