[Video] Jay Leno’s Big Wreck

Jay Leno, one of the undisputed kings of late night television, and former host of the, Tonight Show, found himself on one wild ride while filming his series Jay Leno’s Garage. Offered the opportunity to indulge in one of his childhood dreams, Jay found himself in the passenger seat next to none other than stuntman Bob Riggle and his 2,500 horsepower drag car. Bob is best known for his wheel stands in his famous Barracuda named, Hemi Under Glass. Since 1965 Bob has been showcasing his talents behind the wheel of his 468 CID Hemi Barracuda rocket ship on four wheels. As you can see by the video, Jay and Bob take one heck of a ride, rolling several times before the gold Barracuda comes to a stop. Eighty-year-old stuntman Bob Riggle admits it’s the second time in his iconic fifty year career he’s wrecked the mighty Barracuda attempting the famous wheel stands. I’d say that’s a pretty darn good track record! Jay and Bob are noticeably shaken but okay after the accident, as Bob Riggle commented that he was more concerned as to what his wife would say about his mashed up drag car. Both men thankfully walked away from the accident unharmed and Jay, who admitted riding in Bob’s drag car was a bucket list item of his, not only gets to check that one off his list but gets to add an asterisk beside the thrill ride as well.

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