Dodge to Add Turbo 4 Banger Charger?


A handful of us can vaguely remember the last time Dodge had a 4 cylinder Charger in its stable roughly 30 years ago. It is rumored that Dodge will be introducing a turbocharged 4 banger that will also be 500 lbs lighter for the next generation Charger. The target weight for the future car is around 3,500 lbs, while the current car has a curb weight of nearly 4,000 lbs. Look for it to arrive in the early 2020s.The new body will be based off its flashier¬†Italian Alfa Romeo Giulia’s “Giorgio” platform, according to AN.

With Ford currently leading to pony car wars, the move isn’t much of a surprise. Ford has had success with the Ecoboost turbocharged 4 cyl engine currently in their Mustang. It seems that the big three is actually trying to make entry level pony cars fun, a refreshing spin on something they have never done. Usually¬†,they would just bank on people buying the base model just for the look and slap whatever tired 6-cylinder under the hood and call it a day; hey it worked in the 60’s and 70’s. Some will be happy with the move and others will scoff at it, bottom line is that it will be a faster car.

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