Knoxville Raceway Announces 2016 Rule Changes


Rule changes for all three sprint car divisions have been released by Knoxville raceway officials for the 2016 season. The majority of these rule changes are safety related and are intended to better protect both the competitors and race fans.

The first rule change for 2016 is that kingpin tethers will be required in all classes, as well as steel fasteners on mud covers and no slip tubing anywhere in the chassis for all cars competing at Knoxville Raceway. 2 1/2″ x .083 axles will not be allowed for the Word of Outlaws two-day event in June and the Knoxville Nationals in August. Beginning in 2017, this axle will not be allowed in any events. The 410 class will be limited to one allowed axle size in 2017, which will be a minimum diameter of 2 3/8″, and a minimum wall thickness of .095″.

“The rule changes that Knoxville Raceway has adopted for the 2016 season and beyond were done so after great consideration to the safety of our competitors and our fans,” said John McCoy, Race Director. “We want to follow the recommendations from the World of Outlaws, as well as other tracks and safety personnel that meet annually to update safety rules in our sport.”

For the first time, cockpit adjustable wing sliders will be allowed in the 305 class in 2016. Knoxville Raceway will also allow an approved spec engine for the first time.

“By allowing the drivers control over their top wing, we’re hoping it helps them when the track slicks off,” McCoy said. “We’ll announce part numbers and more specifics in the spec engine soon. Other area tracks have expressed interest in allowing these engines, as well, and with all of us on the same page, it keeps the rules more simple for the competitors.”

There were a few more rule changes made in the 410 class, including allowing competitors to run a new 18″ right rear from Hoosier Tire.

There were no major changes for the 360 class, but changes in the rule book regarding sportsmanship and safety stretch across all classes and competitors.

The full list of rule changes is:

All Classes:

  • Kingpin tethers are required
  • No slip tubing allowed anywhere in the chassis
  • Protest rule adopted for engine and tires
  • Updated alcohol and drug policy
  • Updated online conduct policy
  • Updated unsportsmanlike conduct penalties
  • Updated safety information regarding drivelines and seats

410 Class Updates:

  • 430 Cu. In. option removed from competition
  • W18 Hoosier RR Tire entered in to allowed tires
  • Maximum 2″ removeable wickerbill allowed
  • Front axle size specifications changed
  • Updated safety information

360 Class Updates:

  • Updated safety information
  • Front axle updates by 2017

305 Class Updates:

  • Approved spec/crate engines allowed
  • Additional roller rocker definitions added
  • Titanium Valve spring retainers, not valves, are allowed, maximum lifter diameter size rule amended
  • No lightweight crankshafts
  • Cockpit adjustable wing sliders approved


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