The Most Extreme Tractor You’ve Ever Seen Can Be Yours

-Multiengine-tractor, Supercharger,Big Block Chevrolet, Supercharged tractor

This eye-popping work of art has four supercharged Chevy big block motors. The owner who must be a mad scientist decided that not only did this tractor need four huge displacement engines, but they also needed to be supercharged. This farm hauler is also the winner of the ASTTQ points in 2009,2012,2013. As well as the winner of the 7500lbs multi-engine class in St-Hyacinthe, and Quebec in 2012,2013,2015.

The car comes with:

-4 blown Chevy 540 engines
-4 Kobelco high helix retrofit superchargers 8-71
-4 Enderle double injections, injection systems
-4 Lakewood bellhousings with 11” Crower clutches with 3 discs

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