NHRA Announces 2016 Pro Stock EFI Requirements


The NHRA announced its rules and requirements for the 2016 Pro Stock class as the category converts to electronic fuel injection system (EFI).  Holley has been named as the sole provider for the EFI systems. The changes are being made to move the category to a more technologically forward position as well as control costs by requiring an NHRA-controlled 10,500 Rev Limiter to the EFI.

Beginning in 2016, NHRA also will require Pro Stock teams to remove all hood scoops and reduce the length of the wheelie bars to a length specified by the NHRA Tech Department.

Here are the requirements for the EFI:


  •  Engine Control Unit:

o    Holley HP ECU part number 554-129 mandatory

o    EFI closed loop functionality permitted

o    Rev Limiter:

  • NHRA hard limiter set to 10,500 rpm
  • Teams have the ability to set soft limiter to desired rpm level
  • Throttle Body:

o    Holley part number 112-123 mandatory (25 sq. inches)

o    Must be mounted forward facing and remain in the engine compartment

  • Fuel Injectors:

o    Holley part number 522-568 mandatory

o    Maximum of 8 injectors permitted

o    Must be mounted externally on intake manifold runners

o    Injector tips may not be modified and diffuser plates may not be added

o    Use of standard Holley supplied extenders only permitted

o    Holley HP Smart Coil-Near-Plug Smart Coil (8 ea.) Holley part number 556-112 mandatory

  • Fuel Delivery System:

o    90 psi Max

o    Earl’s Performance Dry Break Coupler part number JV270204RL mandatory

o    Coupler must be remotely mounted on the fuel line between the fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail

o    Coupler must be easily accessible by NHRA Technical Department

  • Hoods:
    • Must be original OEM design, any variations to the hood must be submitted by the OEM and accepted by NHRA Technical Department prior to running in competition
    • Maximum hood height from ground will be determined at a later date
  • Air Intake:
    • Must be located below top of front grill
    • Opening in body (location and dimensions) must be submitted by the OEM and accepted by NHRA Technical Department prior to running in competition
  • Sensors (mandatory):

o    Holley Hall Effect Crank Sensor Holley part number 554-118

o   Holley Hall Effect CAM Sensor Holley part number 554-127


  • Rob Sheffield

    Holley going to be a big winner here…

  • Excel

    Holley just got a windfall.Sorta like Obamacare to the insurance companies NHRA should be knocked in the head for forcing racers to use one brands ECU and Injectors etc

    • Bob Williams

      How is it a windfall for Holley? There are not 10’s of thousands of Pro Stock cars – maybe hundreds of cars who will buy the units – probably at cost.

      • AATopFuel

        It’s not the Pro-Stockers, it’s the average person, they see the brand name and they will find something that will fit their car by that manufacturer. I am also not saying that, that’s a bad thing.

  • BB

    Once again NHRA getting their pockets lined, And wonder why they can’t get full fields of competitive cars. Soooo over them

  • Jim Condon

    I can understand the wanting to have the across the board. But I don’t think that it should be a dedicated supplier. Engine builders should be allowed to choose what manufacturer they want to use and NHRA should have a dedicated testing facility to submit their parts to. Rarely after the dust settles are very many variations of things. But that should really be up to the teams to choose and submit to the tech department. Not dictated by NHRA. As necessity is the mother of creation. Some will do better than others but that is what makes NHRA supposedly better than any other sanctioning body

    • HAOLEBOY55

      Follow the money brother , these clowns are ruining the class no scoops come on , might as well bring out granny’s old ford station wagon

  • Louis M

    Going to be like watching WWF. Drag racing needs to find a way to get back to it beginning roots that was real racing.

  • Ironhorse

    No hood scoop, EFI, and shorter wheelie bars…..I can not wait for the Prius class to run in 2017!!

    They need to open the nitro bikes up to every track for 2016 at least we get a job little real racin

  • Bjorne J Nokleby

    AAAAaand that’s why alot of people including me don’t bother watching the most boring class on the planet. If it’s right in front of me I’ll watch but couldn’t be bothered most of the time. Anything else sure I’ll watch. Maybe if I was on a pro stock team I would find it to be a kick ass class to be in still but they lost me when it all looks the same, sounds the same etc…

  • Ironhorse

    Just a guess but I know NHRA is hurting after Al-Anabi Racing pulled out this year…I will put my finger on the BIG three trying to make Pro Stock cars look like street cars to attract more people for sales and possibly get them to the race track as well as dumping money in the sport not so much Holly. While I really do not think this is helping out with the “grass roots of drag racing” as the point Is to come up with a combination that works better then the other team… and figure out new idea’s on your own…..Yes NHRA can use the money I agree, but really they should open up the Pro Stock class for guys that can get an old Bickel car from the mid 2000’s for 50k and go racing…too much money and little prize money keeps the little guys out as 20 years ago you could win a Wally with a home built car and it was a lot more fun at the track. I am surprised they did not shorten the wheel bases up on them as well to make them look more like a stock car……good news is there will be a lot of hoods and top ends for sale at the end of the year!!

  • Rick GoPatriots

    NHRA drag racing is boring. Millionaires racing millionaires, The average guy can’t relate.That’s why we all watch Street Outlaws! Good move NHRA, shorten wheelie bars to make the cars more out of control. NHRA has always been in the pockets of parts suppliers, mandating equipment be replace every 2 years for no reason other than to sell a product.

    • Chris Sanders

      your right

    • Reno Fickler

      Two (that I am aware of) Street Outlaw drivers are currently in jail for MURDER. They killed spectators running their cars on public streets. I have been a drag racer since the 60’s and am not too happy where it is, but it’s gotta be better than killing people.

      • Rick GoPatriots

        The street racers that were involved in an accident were from Los Angeles. They had no affiliation with the show Street Outlaws. The guys from street outlaws are from Oklahoma and were not in Los Angeles at the time…

  • Steve Matsukawa

    If it isn’t NASCAR its NHRA. Just let the racers get whatever they want to use, as long it is off the shelf and is available to the average racer at a decent price.

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