Barracuda Rumors


Rumors of a possible Barracuda revival under the Dodge nameplate have begun circulating the Internet again, with renderings dating back to 2013 turning up as hot gossip.

This rejuvenated interest in the storied muscle car is a result of a trademark filing from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at the end of June 2015, renewing the “Barracuda” naming rights for “motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, their structural parts, trim, and badges.”

While it is cause for excitement, the reality is that automakers tend to trademark historic names to prevent anyone else from using them.  Remember when Chrysler trademarked “Cuda” in 2010 and then did absolutely nothing with it?  That’s not to say Dodge won’t use the Barracuda name as a styling or performance package for the current Challenger.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Popular speculations point to the Barracuda being a replacement for the Challenger or as a new, smaller entry in Dodge’s linup, sharing a platform with Alfa Romeo and competing directly with the Mustang and Camaro.

‘Cuda enthusiasts shouldn’t get their hopes too high though, at least not fora few years.  The Challenger’s manufacturing cycle ends in 2018 and, according to Dodge’s 5-year plan, there’s an unnamed “B Sedan/Hatch” launching that same year.  It looks like there won’t be any surprises or new models announced any time soon.

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