[Video] Tips for Upgrading your Clutch



There is a gearhead commandment that goes “With great power comes great braking,” or something like that. With every power mod that you put into your vehicle, there should always be a mod to help handle that power such as braking, suspension, or drivetrain. Obviously braking is the what comes to mind first or suspension depending on what kind of driving that you are doing, but there are some people out there that end up finding out the hard way that they should have upgraded their clutch. McLeod has put together this video highlighting their RST or RXT Twin Disc clutch and some tips for people who want to upgrade their clutch.

In this video you will learn:

1. Better ways to get a clutch to hold.
a. Increase clamping pressure which translates to peddle pressure
b. Use exotic materials such as carbon
c. Increase the contact surface area

2. Why twin disc is a better option from a single disc

3. The difference between the three adapter plates
a. Red Ring – large flywheel
b. Black Ring – small flywheel
c. Yellow Ring – Newer LS motors/5.0 Motors

4. How to install the clutch to your flywheel
a. Tips to line up the ring, discs, and pressure plate

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