Top Five Pinups on The Burnout for 2014

With the lull of the off-season, we brought you Pinup of the Week. Here are the favorites, including a few from Mitzi and Co taken earlier in the year. Click the titles to view the full post and album.

1. Yolee Foxtail


2. Emily Sherer

Emily5 feature image

3. Pinups, Hot Rods, and Americana Rock the Country Music Capitals

5Voodoo AP OHFeature

4. Lil Miss KO

LittleMissKO2 featured

5. Pinups at the Bowlium

Which ones were your favorites?

  • Dale

    They are all beautiful but I have a sweet spot for red heads so I have to say Emily.

  • Don’tTreadonUs

    Emily Sherer for beauty & Lil Miss KO for the body & bewbies!

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