2015 Chevrolet Colorado Accessorizes for Adventure

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Performance Concept

Photos by Andrew Chen

Just days before SEMA, Chevrolet showed off a variety of accessorized 2015 Colorado models at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort near Las Vegas, Nevada. Like all of the other American manufacturers, Chevrolet stepped away from the mid-size truck segment, but now they’re back to fill a void in the marketplace with a fuel efficient and capable lifestyle vehicle.

Full disclosure: Chevrolet paid for my flight to Las Vegas and hosted me at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort so that I could experience the 2015 Colorado.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Performance Concept

To kick-off the event, legendary motocross champion Ricky Carmichael jumped a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Performance concept. Why did Ricky fly over this Colorado? Because he was an integral part of the design team and helped to bring this truck to fruition. Plus it’s just cool to see! It’s an obvious pairing as the Colorado is targeting a younger, more adventurous customer base.

The available accessories for Chevy’s mid-size truck focus more on lifestyle than work, with themes like camping, watersports and outdoor adventuring taking the spotlight. These accessories were part of the development plan for the 2015 Colorado which means that perfect fitment is guaranteed and personalization is as easy as going to the dealership and pointing out what you want.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado

The new GearOn system provides additional functionality and cargo space above the Colorado’s pickup box, allowing users to secure larger items like bicycles, kayaks and surf boards, while leaving room for smaller gear in the bed.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado

Just like its bigger sibling, the Colorado drives and handles like a regular car. With an available 305 horsepower and 26 MPG highway, this truck is a great option for someone that doesn’t want to have a separate vehicle for daily commutes and weekend excursions.

At a time when most manufacturers are focused on the full-size truck segment, it’s refreshing to see a mid-size offering from Chevrolet that is fun, versatile and easily customizable. And it’ll fit inside your garage too!


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