SEMA 2014 Day 3

There’s an inevitable point during the SEMA show when you’re mind just goes into overload, and nothing registers anymore. The chrome, the engines, the tires, the paint, the people and the noise override the “this is amazing” section in your brain and you can’t take anything more in. ¬†And then, you step outside, heading to one of the driving demos or ride alongs, and perhaps watch a Mustang tear around the asphalt in the front parking lot with an idiot hanging his cell phone out the window to film it, and while you shake your head in awe and disgust, you also think that everything is right with the world. ¬†Fresh air, ill-conceived speed, and the smell of burning rubber. What could top it?

We’ll be back later to talk in depth about a few of the things we saw, but we leave you with some photos from day three of hot rods, and hot stuff, and visual burnout, because that’s the rite of passage you go through in Vegas.

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