Meet Sally Speed: A ’32 Coupe Running Bonneville with a Dump Truck Motor

Words: Anna “SCTA Sweetie” Marco
Photos: Mike Basso and Mark Brazeau
Dedicated to Don Berg & Harvey Johnson
Special thanks to Jim Wilson & SCTA

Sally is a on a first name basis only, but if she had a last name it would be Speed.

Sally Speed
Named after the Don Rich lyrics for Waylon Jennings song, “Sally Was A Good Ole Girl,” Sally is known as the fastest ‘32 coupe to run Bonneville with a 6 cyl. GMC dump truck motor. Allen McAlister and Doug Robinson are proud of that. They and partner Don Berg built her out of their shop, BMR Racing, where she’s stabled alongside other high performance fillies. Sally likes to set records in the 200 MPH Club because of her mystical charm. She wears the fuel filter from the Burk-Francisco belly tanker (first one to run Bonneville)-Her fastest speed is 214 and has yet to be beat.

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