Community Responds – National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

national corvette museum sinkhole

Photos courtesy National Corvette Museum

The internet has been abuzz with images and videos of the 30 feet deep, 40 feet wide sinkhole that consumed eight cars inside the National Corvette Museum earlier this week.

It’s a sad and unfortunate event regardless of your affinity (or lack thereof) for the golden bowtie.

Security camera footage of the sinkhole in action:

The Racing Junk community has been very vocal about this incident on our Facebook page, with heartfelt condolences to snarky commentary and of course the usual Chevy versus Ford battle.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

It doesn’t matter which brand you prefer, it’s a shame to hear of these cars being lost.

I’m a Mopar guy through and through, but it’s sad to see a part of history just get taken away like that regardless of brand.

At least there were no Ford products damaged.

Isn’t that what you usually do with garbage: throw it in a hole and bury it.

Chevy sucks so bad the floor their on even falls apart
Response: Chevy fans know the difference between there, their and they’re.

Well that just sucks! Hopefully it was only the late 80’s early 90’s models…

And here’s our contribution:


No one wants to see collectible cars get damaged, but we can chuckle at this situation because no one was hurt and Chevrolet has agreed to oversee restoration of the eight cars that were damaged.

From the National Corvette Museum:
national corvette museum step down sinkhole
“This sign has always been in this spot, no joke! It’s right by the stairs. Definitely has new meaning now…”

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