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World Karting Races Daytona 142

Story and photos by Gary Rosier

If you’re new to this type of racing, you’d be amazed at all the entries and participation in this hotly contested series. I attended the December 30th event, which featured three different areas of racing, including the big track with the high banking, the flat track and a twisty road course at the east end of the track.

This was my first karting event – I was interested since we had a racing go-kart when I was but a young child (where did the 60+ years go?!), complete with a McCulloch racing engine and Uncle Paul chasing us down the country roads at speeds over 60 mph.

Make no mistake, this is all very serious business as witnessed by over 450 registered participants. These folks travel all over the East coast, Mid-west and more competing for that end of year championship as well as the big prizes offered at every race. Daytona kicks off the 2014 season and with prizes ranging from $10,000 for winning the Pro Clone class to $2,000 for the Junior Clone classes, this is some serious money and bragging rights up for grabs at Daytona – it’s definitely a premier event to get things started!

The World Karting Association was formed in the early 70’s and has been attending Daytona every year since. They have their own magazine, web-site and Facebook page. Look them up at

This was truly an exciting, fun and family oriented experience for everyone. For my first time attending, I loved it and hope you will too.

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Gary Rosier took up photography 4 years ago in his retirement, but has discovered a passion for covering automotive and aeromotive events, particularly around Daytona Beach, FL. You can also find him on Facebook and his own site
  • elle brunner

    Awesome photos and article. Gary Rosier is an amazing guy with lots of talent! What a great introduction to a sport I knew nothing about.

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