How much to turn?

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Back when I was in high school (the stone age), most of the older guys would tell you pretty much what did what, and if you heeded their advice and they thought you had promise they would help you out now and then.

Then once I started getting serious and wanted to make something build real horsepower, you had to leave flyover land to get the stuff you needed. If you called the Prunepickers on the phone, they'd sell you crap they couldn't give away on the coast, "but some hot shoe that was in last month's HRM was using it so it'll work for you, bunkie".

Then, in Fjasted's SPE Chassis shop, when we were picking up the new car, this local Jr. Fueler pilot gave us a line of sh*t that would have filled a 100 car tank train . . and you heard stuff in all the shops out there that you didn't know whether to take with a grain of salt or punch out the guy who said it.

We took some of it to heart. And some of it worked and some of it was disastrious!

Learned one thing. Know how YOUR stuff works, and then learn what's available to make it work even better. Analyze it all yourself, and in our case with the Camaro, fully discuss the pros and cons with each other. In some cases, 100 idiots can't be wrong if they all say the same thing . . but for the most part, you're gonna end up being the guy to blame if it's your car . .

So, if I offer advice, take it with a grain of salt because whatever you have, the chances of it being the same as mine or ours, not very good . . That probably goes for everybody up here!
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Fortunately i had a lot of good help when i built my first super charged car, I was a neighbor to the ONO bros Top Fuel in Chgo. first cousins to Kenny Herrita of Herrita and Hobbs top fuel. Kenny ordered all my parts for the blown sm/blk chevy, i bought one of his blowers and hilborn 2 port injrection, and i never looked back, because all the parts matched the setup. That was in 1964, and i was already running pretty good NA at the time. I ran that first build engine for 5 yrs without breaking parts, but i did have to change the bearing every 15/20 passes. But today i look back i left a lot on the table because the build was so safe.

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