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Originally Posted by fla1976
Originally Posted by roadkill2
I can't think of another Automotive Diagnostic Tool or gauge that requires total accuracy than does the Timing Light.

All the other tools and gauges we use are "relative" to itself. Even the venerable "Feeler Gauge" is subject to "Feel" of the individual. Of course you're probably talking about only a couple of hundred thousanths, plus or minus, but nothing requires the precision of the timing light. And you have to assume it's right everytime you use it . .

Like I said earlier, it doesn't hurt to compare it to somebody else's every so often and to send it back to the manufacturer for claibration once in a while . .
Timing lights and torque wrenches.
Absolutely! Torque Wrenches work on the basis of a Steel Spring. Steel Springs change through use. Those little 3/8" torque wrenches you tend to grab to pull the top numbers on it instead of grabbing the 1/2" get their guts pulled out and if it's three years old, it's probably wrong.

The only one I own that I haven't sent back at least once is my 3/4" drive . . I just ain't that strong! And I won't tell you why I have it. It's one of those, what Yogi Berra used to call, "A Tool of Ignorance" . . .

Think about it . . You change magazine springs every so often, don't you?
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