4,400 HP !

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Originally Posted by roadkill2
I wanna see the Head!
Thats what she said.
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OK; forgive my ignorance here... but it is hard for me to comprehend this whole thing. MY question: in the first series of pics that Fla1976 posted- WTH is pic #2??? What is that thing... flux-capacitor?
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Roller lifter.
Quote from Hot Rod "We dig the bolt-in lifter bushings, which make swapping them out a snap after you’ve nuked one. Drag Week Unlimited Class racers, are you listening? By the way the lifters have wheels that are over one-inch in diameter".
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Still want to see the head(s) . .

And if the Lifters have a 1" dia. Roller follower, what the hell does the Camshaft look like? It's gotta have lobes that resemble the counterweights on a SBC crankshaft . . I understand the need to cut bearing speed and increase the loading at the lifter (More valve seat pressure) but a radius like that isn't conducive to following a quarter inch radius on the ramps of todays long duration .800"+ lift "square lobed" cams, one would think . .

But then I was never very good at driving trains . . .
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The cam journals have got to be humongous ! 3" any way... :shock: :shock:
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Yeah, I went back and looked at the picture of the block after I popped wise . . I'd guess that they're closer to 4" in diameter because they're actually bigger than the mains . .

Still, when you build a bigger lifter, you just create more reciprocating mass that has to change direction at high speeds and tremendous spring pressure . . so then you have to increase valve spring pressure, stronger rockers, bigger pushrods and more expensive one piece valves . . It's kind of a vicious circle . .

All the NASCAR guys are going the other way . . Little bitty cam lobes, little flat tappet lifters, skinny pushrods, and really high rocker arm ratios, 1:8/1:9 with 125# of seat pressure . . Dunno who's right, but their engines are built to go about 550 miles, while a drag racing engine spends more time being warmed than it does racing.

I guess us drag racers like kicking the tiger's ass more than tickling a mouse . . 'spose?
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