307? yep thats what i said....lol

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sorry didnt get back here sooner. roadkill, im gathering parts up now for this 307.ive got more engines of all different makes sittin in my shop floor but this sbc has almost become a obsession with me.i loved the gassers from back in the early 60s so thats what im going to try and build.i wasnt old enough back in the day but im plenty old enough now..lol.but that replacing my sbc alot aint gonna happen.well let me reword that one.or atleast add this i hope it aint going to happen alot..lol. im going to ask it to make my time just alittle faster than they ran in the day,but allowing that part for better internal available today.but it will be old school race.im not askin it to do much more than ive asked any of mine to do.go fast and stay together.lol not to much to ask....oh and yeah buddy im a lover of old school as they call it nowdays.i love almost anything old. thats why i keep my wife..lol
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Heheheheheheheheh . . .

Lessee . . Magic word(s) "Racing" . . "Race car" . . "Going faster"

Kinda like that first Beer or Potato Chip . . . If a little is good, a whole bunch has gotta be better . . (Betcha can't eat just one)

Is there really anything like an "Old Racing Engine"? Sure there is, if you ain't using it anymore . .

And I know for a fact (just by what you've put up here in the past) that you're not gonna be satisfied with whatever the first pass gives you . . Hell no! "There's another 3 tenths in it someplace!"

Heheheheheheheheheheh . . . Somehow, "Satisfaction" ain't part of "Racing"

And on th'
i love almost anything old. thats why i keep my wife..lol
Don't let her see this post. It could get cold sleepin' outside.

And it ain't fair to compare a SBC with a woman . . A woman will take all the borin' and strokin' you can do, a Small Block Chevy has it's limitations . .

Just sayin'
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Ken you do what makes you happy on this one brutha... you have earned it. I am sure you will make it work. I have heard of guys stroking a 283 w/307 crank b4, but I always looked @ 307 as a "challenged" engine in the past like so many others. You will make it rip. Just keep going out to the shop & praying.... everything else will follow. Sorry I haven't been around here much lately. I hope you are feeling well these days. Scoot
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