BUBBLE GUM WELDS can they fixed

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Default Re: Weld Penetration

Originally Posted by TheYellaBrick
Originally Posted by keithdyer
Like Curtis said ^^^^^ "It is a little harder to tell the penetration of a MIG weld also".

Uhhhhhh . . . . , I would NEVER trust a shallow penetration MIG weld on any Suspension or Roll Cage weld, PERIOD.
Let the T-shirt welder guys on TV use it on sheet metal, should not get anybody very hurt.
I still have several clients that will not allow MIG welding on any of their pressure vessels due to this very fact.
44 years of this stuff.
Take care, K
MMMmmm... So all those tens of thousands of race cars cages built all over the world and many have held together in horrendous wrecks, that were mild steel and mig welded are a figment of our imagination ? Mine have kept me alive and intact a few times with ZERO failure points..
So all those thousands of race car cages have shallow welds? I think this was pointed toward the original question of bubble gum welds and not being able to tell the penetration of it. Not a one is better than the other comment. Don't jump down someones throat to fast.

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