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I was looking over a couple of old invoices and they are still in business is AeroHead heads. Today you can buy a set of camel humps with 3 angle valve job with screw in studs for $399 for the pair Ready to bolt on!!!.
2.02 or 1.94 valve size.
Add $80 for roller springs and add $80 for hard seats.
If you don't have heads yet this will save you minimum $150-$300 bucks.
On average core set is $150-$300 about $50 for mag and pressure test,
$300 in machine work-includes machine for screw in studs and still you need the springs for a H-roller. Spring and retainers good quiality $100-$150.
All together About $600-$800. Free up extra $$$ for the roller set up.
The heads I sold from here are still on the customers car and its been almost 4 years with no issues other than going faster. 8)
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Yea i already have the heads
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Since you already have the heads I'd do this valvetrain kit from Competition Products.

They have other kits for a 1.94 1.5 or 2.02 1.5.

Springs are rated to 550 lift you can use the Howards cam I suggested, that you liked but I'd advise not too if drive it with your foot in it all the time like me then I would not but if its spending time mostly cruising then it would be okay but the Doug Herbert cams being the first 2 would be better however another Howards cam would be another good choice, a little more radical similiar profile.
Chev SB 262-400 1955-1998
Advertised Duration: 304/310
Duration @ .050": 251/257
Valve Lift w/1.50 Rockers: .555/.555
Lobe Separation Angle: 110
Intake Centerline: 106
Valve Lash: Hyd./Hyd.
3000-6800. Rough idle, upper mid-range & top end power. Needs 11.0:1+ CR.

As long as you don't use too much poweradders you can use the stock 400 crank no problem just be sure to get the balancer. Use 350 rods an
affordable piston to your liking. This other Howards cam is pretty lopey get a
minimum 3000 stall to use it with 4.10's and hold on the neighbors will hate
it too bad
I've had a few problems with them till I just burned them in their own driveway
then never had a problem since. 8)
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<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Sorry to bring up a dead topic but I am having an issue.

I recently ported a set of GMPP<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> fast burn heads, for a friend of mine, that are going on a 383.
I had a 383 sitting in the shop that had been dynoed with a different set of heads, so I offered to dyno his heads on it to see the power potential of his heads, and to compare to the heads it had already been dynoed with.

We first dynoed his new heads with everything just like the 383 had already been dynoed with. Then we changed out the cam to the cam he plans on running in his 383.

The engine is,
4150 braswell carb,
ported motown intake with 1" spacer,
GMPP fast burn heads with 2.02"/1.56" valves with a finished volume of 210cc. (were GMPP vortecs)
1.7/1.7 shaft rockers
flat top pistons with a comp. of 11.5/1
4.031 bore x 3.75 stroke
1 3/4 x 1 7/8 step header, 3" collector

1st cam dynoed = comp cam 236/248 108 lsa .380in/.367ex lobes.
2nd cam dynoed= Howards shelf cam 255/261 108 lsa, .400 in .413 ex lobe

The 3 columns listed are with the Howards cam at 102*/105*/108* ICL.
When we switched to the bigger cam, peak TQ rpm went up 400-500 rpm, but peak HP rpm was very little higher than with the small cam.

Why? What’s the limit to peak HP rpm on this engine?

What would you change if looking for more power, but no more rpm?

What does the results of these 3 cam position pulls tell us about the engine/cam?

I realize there will be info wanted by some, so just ask.

I can post a pull with the small Comp cam if needed.

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I would post these questions on Yellow Bullet Forum tech section.
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