Losing oil pressure

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Default ?

If the Returns are Plugged,and all the Oil is in the Valve Covers?Your reading would be OFF on the Stick!

Its Real easy to Check?

Pull the Drain Plug,and pour a Gallon or so of Deisel in the Oil Fill,...........see WHO comes Out???

G 8)
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I don't like to use any crankcase flush because if the pan has crud in it you will likely loosen up a lot more crud in the rest of the engine while running a flush. What you did by flushing the pan through the dipstick sounds like a good way to go without tearing it down. I have had a few vehicles come through my shop with this problem and pulled the pan to clean out what I could. It has always solved the problem but as more stuff works it's way to the pan the problem eventually returns. I have pulled the intake, valve covers and pan on one to clean it out and that worked but it seemed like a lot of trouble ($$) for a high mileage motor.
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I would put a piece of black electrical tape over the light.
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Finished doing the flush put in some ol cheapo oil and so far so good. Been driving it to work for 2 days no oil light, when i get home check the gauge it says 9psi idle i can live with that, working on the old saying 10psi per 1000 rpm and from memory i don't think it ever had good idle psi. Probably drop this cheapo oil on the weekend for good stuff and see how it goes, still not ruling out pump or valve if it comes back. I think i'll shorten the oil changes and do a flush everytime. Thanks for your help guy's really appreciated.
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