357 small block chevy carb problems with vacuum

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@ Tod74 I agree with ya, i'm just trying to get him back to the starting point of where he made his first adjustments and go from there. If you expose the transfer slot to bring up your idle which he said he did, then you've created a fuel dumping problem anyway. It may not be the complete cure but it is one of the problems.
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Yeah.. something is wayyy wrong. I am just curious, what are you doing with your other vacuum ports?? Are there 2 or 3? Are they just plugged?
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I have a feeling this carb has been pieced together with parts that do not go together.

If I am wrong do not consider my post an insult, it is not. But when someone comes on and describes a problem that doesn't make good sense and a solution(unplugging the port) that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, I think it is likely that the cause is something wacko.

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