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That red bag is where they pack their balls................
ANYone who works highsteel is GREATLY admired by THIS cowboy !!
I get dizzy at 20 feet ops: ops: ops: ops: ops:
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Cool,I wouldn't mine trying that! I have a buddy that climbs towers for a living,he says its humbling,I can see why!
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Default Fear of heights or growing some sense

When I was 18 and 19 I was styationed onboard a Guided Missle Destroyer in the Navy and we had a lot of chances to go thru Hurricanes and would end up mwith the top of the mast broke off, being one of no fears but dedicated to the mission I climbed the mast a number of times while underway I might add and fix the antennas or speed indicator whatever was broken.
A few years later I found myself working as a field service mechanic in Detroit area building the new Federal building which my cranes were 409ft, and climbed them daily sometimes, had more than one close calls when operators would get a bit of vertigo from bourbon and scare the shit out of you when you are face to face with 600volts/200amp power panels for sure.. When I was 27 while serving in the Airforce I fell from about 12 ft onto ice covered concrete and ended up parylized from neck down.. Went on a trip to the Ozarks and while on top of Jasper mtn I realized my depth perception wasn't what it used to be and got scared as hell when I felt like I was gonna blow right off the mountain.I couldn't believe either to finally experience the fearfulness that I did and couldn't believe I use to some of the crazy stuff I had done as far as climbing. I think it is a combination of growing older, wiser and realizing that's why the brave people that do that are young and strong and why I don't do it anymore, I have all the respect in the world for those guys but am proud to be able to say Been there, done that. It was awesome while I was able to do it..
God Bless all my heros, climbers or not..
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