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Originally Posted by burnskustomz
Originally Posted by Rigsby
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I lived in that era, owned every one of those vehicles except a 32 rodster or coupe, first car 1950 ford with a flathead caddy engine, owed 3 different 49 to 51 fords 2 with caddy engines, 55 and 56 chevys with 301's and duel quads 58 with 348 with tripower, 39 LaSalle coupe 37 stude coupe 48 merc. conv. I'd be rich if i still owned those cars, Elvis side burns and racing on edens expressway north of Chgo, racing at Oswego, Greatlakes, US 30, and Rockford drayway, those were the days. I'd give everyhing i have to turn back the clock.

Zip- this is what I was thinking when I made the post... you guys lived in the last good generation of our country. American Graffiti captured a night in 1962... what seemed like perfection. A moment in time that we will never see again. I was not even a sperm-cell then. I wish I was in that generation though. Best part of the movie was in the early morning when they raced... playing that "Green Onions" tune... pipes un-corked on the deuce, lined up w/ the 55 & chrome-reverse wheels... two lanes & a kid w/ a flash light. No AIDS, No Obama, No "Smart Cars", no emissions, no damn ECU's.... cell phones... AND NO SNOTTY DMV WORKERS THAT TELL ME I NEED TO GIVE THEM 5 PIECES OF PROOF TO RE-NEW MY LICENSE!! my kids will grow up thinking that texting is to replace talking, cars are for traveling & cruising is for COP's, a "Hot Rod" is a Honda & "Boss" is a supervisor... and "bitchin" is only a thing that parents do to them!!! those days are gone my brotheren. Scoot
So true!!! I have watched that movie everyday since I first commented on this thread man it looked like fun then and know days fun is sitting at home all week watching MTV or playing video games to kids now. What has the world gone to? If you were born in that generation or close to it you are lucky and should cherish every memory because with the world like it is today it's down hill from now on. IMO
Well theres still a ray of hope, keep that dream alive Seth!
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