track mishap etiquette

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In over 50 yrs. racing i've never heard of someone paying for another car if the 2 cars accidently got together on the track. I've raced mostly on sanctioned tracks, more on NHRA.
I had an incedent happen too me about 20 yrs. ago, where i drove up into the staging lanes and shut the car off. Unbeknowns too me my nutural safty switch has come out of adjustment and i studidly forgot to put the car in park. As the lane moved forward i fired the car up and it jumped forward about a foot. Ther was a track offical standing nearby and he saw the incedent, he pulled me out of line and told me to go back the pits and fix the switch or put it in the trailer. When i came back up he came over too the car and checked to make sure i had fixed the problem and thanked me.

The staging lane accident as mentioned prior, i don't know where i stand on that one especially, if the guy was testing his stall, that's totally stupid in my opinion.

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Originally Posted by BEAST477
Originally Posted by bjuice
well if this gives you any idea. You can purchase insurance ona drag car it covers it to the track,retrun road and even into stagging but THE coverage stops once the car is into its pass down the track.
Man bjuice, I thought you left the country it's been so long since I've seen you on here. :lol:
i been here Mike. just watching from the shadows..haven't participated a lot going on down here...take care.

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We had a dummy that had never been to our track drive between two trailers in a real piece of junk and hit a really nice Super Pro Camaro broadside. Did about 5 - 6 K damage to the Camaro. The guy in the junker said it wasn't his fault, but most people at the track did not see it that way. Sad part was his old piece of junk didn't hardly get a scratch.

He ain't been back to our track that I know of and probably should not come back either....... 8)
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