does anyone do powdercoating at home

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Originally Posted by oldandtired
I powdercoated an AR15 receiver in the oven. Boy, was my wife mad.
My uncle coated some block hugger type headers in his wife's say she was upset is an understatement. I guess it stunk up the place pretty bad. :lol:
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I've been PCing inhouse for 13 years. I built an oven that would take rear end housings, motorcycle frames and anything in between. Also built 3 different roll-in racks that I hang stuff on where I PC them and then and then roll it into the oven.
I fabbed an angle iron frame, double sided with hotrolled sheetmetal (galvanized will give off toxic fumes), insulation in between, 32 X 32 X 65 tall. I used 2 convection oven elements in the bottom and incorporated an oven temp switch mounting the prob inside.
I really need to build one a little bigger as I can't bake bumpers in this size.
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