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Originally Posted by blowninjected540
Originally Posted by MEMRACING62
1936 short bus gets $75000. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Speaking of short buses, If ours is getting wore out and need to replace it check out ad # 1792872, it even has a lift for the keg of beer.
now wouldn't we look 8) 8) pulling into the pits with this as a tow vehicle :lol: :lol:
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Default nothing but money

Even if I had the bank to bid on something there, I'd have the sense to shop for the car elsewhere.
You pay 10% of the bid on both ends of the sale plus other BJ fees - so that $75000 car adds up to more like $95000
And yes - most have no clue the $45000 car that was amazing to look at likely cost $70000 and many years to restore.
So saying a $500 parts car is worth $45000 - so they want $5000 for it - do the math!
Tributes, clones, recreations - Hollywood silicone breasts for headlights.
It's not like we the common guy can restore a car in our back yard and bring it there to sell at a huge profit - THAT is the misconception.

The only good BJ is free
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Its 55.00 for a full day to just watch, 25.00 half day. You do not get floor fronts seats either, thats for bidders.

Bidder info, 500.00 registration fee, non refundable, guest pass for wifey 150.00,

A 9,000.00 payment has to be paid up front to Barrett before bidding and only allows you to bid up to 90,000.00

And here are the very rediculous aditional auction fees, gotta be rich to play here,

•On-site Buyer's Premium: 10%
•Absentee Buyer's Premium: 12%
•On-site Automobilia Buyer's Premium: 15%
•Absentee Automobilia Buyer's Premium: 17%

I could not find it this time, but there use to be a 6% sellers fee also, on top of the above buyers fees.
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If Steve Jackson did not have mommy and daddy money, he would be working at McDonalds. :twisted: Dave
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The lady I work for's husband is into the BJ deal. They bought a home in Scottsdale and are there right now for the auction. Here is a car he rebuilt to sell but decided to keep. Hemi Ford motor, white interior, built back completely original. I don't know a lot about Ford stuff but I like this one.

I took these with my I-phone so they are not the greatest pics.

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I have been, Lots o gold chains!!!!! I was there when The Truppi LS6 Chevelle went for 2 million, Same guy sold it for 200k this year!!!!!
It is definitely a great spectacle, on of my pals accidently bid 300k on a hemi cuda when he took a picture of us from the stage, srewed the bidding up royally.

I was amazed at how some cars are held on stage for ever & others are blown out in minutes. No ryme or reason. IMHOP there is some def BS going on, you are either in, or out, again just my opinion

The best part is the Mcdonalds & other parking lots in scotsdale, All the Cali rodders show up & thousands of rust free rides everywhere. You can find great deals. There are guys with car clubs that will help you find what you want.

If you have a chance , its a must do, The minute I walked in the big tent, I ran into 20+ pals from all over the racing world, that spaned my decades in the racing & car sceen , It was crazy! The person I was with at that time ( an executive from a car company) thought I was running for mayor, thats how many people go to that event.

The other tents had hundreds of killer rides to look at & explore, you could spend hours before you even get to the auction.
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