Remembering a dear friend

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As many of us, I have also lost a best friend to a random act. It does not matter if it's been ten years or ten days, one can still feel the loss and wonder what would we be doing now...
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Sorry for your loss. I guess just about everyone has been there and it takes time to heal. It's great to have good friends but it also has a downside when they pass on too early.
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the things that make life tough bjuice, sorry for the loss of a friend.
in middle school there was this guy that was a wizard at making things,
Jaws was big then and he made a huge shark for the school play
and rolled this 25ft fish down the streets, and the police ended up
giving him an escort cause the shark looked great, i always wondered
what became of him, til i read his obituary last yr, he had a brain
tumor, and had retired from making props in hollywood,
heres to good friends, living and passed :wink:
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When friends, family, and just plain good folks that we are touched by, are taken 'before their time', we should honor their memories and our time with them by living our own lives as best as we are capable.

I have run across folks who lost friends in war and 30 years later they are remembering their buds by wasting away their own lives through abusive behavior. I have NEVER 'memorialized' my lost buddies by staying drunk or stoned outa my gourd. I HONORED their memory by being the BEST person I could be.

Juice, put together a little packet of 'memories' of your friend, contact his son and tell him just how GOOD of people his ma and pa were and still are in your memory. He probably could use a high quality male figure/friend and you'd be VERY good at that.
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