fuel pressure guestion

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who's regulator, are you useing?
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Thanks Curtis and everyone else, you were right it turnsd out being the regulater, I put a new one on and it works perfect now. I set it at 8 and it stays at 8 I know for 5000 rpms for sure now, but man what is it with the 280 leaking. I bought a rebuilt one through Jegs and it leaks about 1/2 teaspoon overnight the 280 thats been on there for 3 years never leaked a drop. I think I'm gonna have BG rebuild the old one and sell it and buy me a Magnafuel 300 and try them. this first BG has been a good one though I just wanted to rebuild it for a spare.
Thanks Guys Andy
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Default Feul pessure problem

What about the Aeromotive A2000 electric fuel pump?
Rated at 350 GPH
They say it needs a 100 micron filter before pump and a 10 micron filter after pump.
They rate it to power any application gas or alcohol.
Low amperage draw too.
Anyone have experience with it?
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Default Fuel Pump


All the advice I see looks right on! I had two BG 400's in a row do the same thing to me. Put a Magna Fuel on it and never had another problem.

The QuickStar 300 from Magna fuel would be just the trick for your combo.

Sorry I don't have any experience with Aeromotive!
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Default Aeromotive A2000

I have used the aeromotive on a SBC/S10- making @700hp .. I used it on both Gasoline and alcohol. It worked well on both. Although .. i set it up exactly as Aeromotive suggests.. line sizes.there regulator..filters ect...
On alcohol i belive it was at its max. I started at 9lbs at idle at was 7 thru the traps.
On Gasoline the pressure never moved ..and this pump filled a gallon jug after the regulator at 15 seconds - some serious flow IMO.
I have used there products on gasoline and feel they are outstanding - if u have tech questions - they have great service.
Since, i have moved to a dragster...with a belt driven pump..but i had great experiance with Aeromotive A2000 pump.. if you follow the proper setup ..line sizes -regulator-you will get great results.

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