Tool Box ?

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Its settled went to a Sears 20miles away and exchanged it for the sameone thats not a POS this one is 100x's better. I even got another middle box in on the deal. I thought it was going to be to big .. but thought tool boxes are never too big lol

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COOOOL DEAL ! Ya got a step stool to get into that top box ?
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glad to see worked out and didnt get in dog house with wife no hurt feelings
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glad to see it all worked out, sears has always treated me pretty good on things.
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Originally Posted by maniac
If you are looking for an answer on what to do, here is my scope on it---put it in the trailer and act like it is the best one you ever had , she did the best she knew how , it's just a box that holds tools ,,nothing more nothing less , , most of us don't have one that fancy ( i don't), it will last a few years and then you can upgrade , a tool box isn't worth hurt feelings .
Hell , I got socks for Christmas , oh yeah , they are the best ones I ever got :lol: :lol:
I agree.

When I was a kid my mother bought my Dad a bench grinder for Christmas. It was a Craftsman model don't remember the hp of the motor. It is a hunk of crap...bogs down when you try and do anything at all with it...You can't even sharpen a drill with it. He still has it. It is mounted on the end of his workbench. I sometimes use it to sharpen pencils but that's about all it's good for... We have a heavy duty one on a pedatstal in the corner that we use, but he will not toss out the other for fear of hurt feelings.
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Default Box

If you want the Best deal for thge Trailer?Go to NAPA before the 1st and get the 3-Drawer Roller box that the Top opens on.Under 200.00 and a Fairly Nice Quality Box!
I Have a Matco,but that Roller Box is GREAT at the Track!Lock the Wheels in the Trailer,then Unlocck when you want it outside!
It Works !
G 8)
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