488's or 513's

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Thx again Bill.

I'll have to check the RPM drop this weekend if we race, weekend weather forcast is looking shack so we'll see.

Honestly I've never really paid the rpm drop no never mind.
I always have my eyes glued on the track and my opponent.
I'll definetly check that out during one of my time trials.

Again, I appreciate the reply.

I should have more data to aynalize this weekend.

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Default Converter Slip............?

A Play-Back Tach would work WONDERS for what your Looking to Find out???
If You dont have 1?
I Have a Auto-Meter Pro/Comp Ultra Lite Playback Tach-6884 that I would be willing to send you and see if it would HELP you find the PROBLEM?
The Tach Was in My Chevy II,so its already SEEN Action!
Let me know?
Greg 8)
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Thx for the offer Greg - I have a recall tach, but no play back function.

We got a race in this weekend.

Weather was perfect, till the sun went down anyways then it got cold> burrrrr

Anyways no probems, the gear change turned out fine.
There was virtually no change in ET's going from 557s' to 513's - the rpms were down to 7100 at the stripe so mission accomplished there.

On a good note: I ended up winning first place in the little bucks race.
I passed on the high rollers $5000 footbrake race.

I did the math with the new data and I'm still coming up with around 17% converter silppage, which was no surprise.

What's the best plan of action now. Replace or fix?

It's a Transmission specialties 8 inch 5800 rpm spragless.

Do I need to send it back to T/S or will a local place like BTE or TCI be able to fix it?
Also, what about the cost? How much am I looking at here?

Mine seems to be working fine other than the excessive slippage, sure has me in a pickle.

Thx again, Cp
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someone can correct me if i am wrong, but i think a little more slippage, is to be expected from a spragless converter.
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Congrats on the win and getting the RPM's down at the finish. Since your season is almost over, I would probably just look at repairing your converter. So, I would contact Trans Specialties first and see what they will charge and what they think about the slippage.

I think that the spragless converters usually have a little more stall than sprag converters, but I don't think that the spragless is supposed to slip more on top end. The slippage on the top end is the efficiency of the fluid transfer. The size of the converter shell, distance between the fins of the drive and the fins on the pump cover, the torrington roller bearing running clearance, and how much the fins flex all have a part in the overall efficiency of the converter.

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